Job – Professional Photograph Can Help Land That Dream

The corporate world is tough, especially when looking for a jobcorporate headshot for your dream job.












Job – It’s hard to deny that we, as human beings, still judge people by their looks – especially in photograph. Whether you’re a business owner of a huge company or a newly graduated student looking for that dream first job. Your photograph can make or break where you stand in the corporate ladder.

Notice how we look at business magazines, we tend to look closely at the photo of the person being interviewed and check if what he/she is saying in the interview adds up. The interviewee doesn’t have to be all suited up and posed. He/She can have a very dynamic pose but still captures the essence of his/her being while being interviewed.

Same goes for corporate websites – we tend to look at the picture of the CEO and top managers of the company and from there we can see if the company seems reliable.

When people look for jobs now, the first thing the HR looks at is their photo before their CV. If it’s a sales job, they look for a sharp looking individual who can in one look, can sell them anything. It could be in a government job where you have to look tough and look like a leader. We can deny it all we want but it’s in our nature to look at a picture first before we read a CV.

That’s why we, at YH Studios, make sure that your corporate photos look their best by showing your personality at a glance. We’ve had so many clients who come to us to do their professional headshot and are very satisfied that they recommend us to their friends, colleagues, and managers.

First impressions still count in this day and age, and we, at YH Studios will help you get that great first impression.


Professional Photography in Dubai

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Yasmin for the fab shoot me and my friend had last week. I’ve had a few shoots done before but felt most comfortable at this one. Yasmin is so down to earth and easy to get along with. The photos are amazing! Love them so much and I would love to have another shoot done here xx

-Leanne Heart

One of the most memorable & experiences my family and friends have ever had. Words cannot describe how much fun a photo shoot can be. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!Thank you so much YH Studios Team, an incredible day spent with you all!

-Holly Richards

Yasmin. It was such a pleasure having the shoot with u. Great atmosphere, lovely stuff, fantastic mood and lots of fun. Ur offer was unbeatable and we will join u again with the whole family. Big Hugs

-Micheala El Daghma

Best experience ever! You are the best!!

-Awa Cheikh Awakheuchh Gueye

Absolutely recommend Yasmin for her talent as a professional photographer, has so much fun during the photoshoot and the outcome was truly amazing!

-Kolla Kristjansdottir

Me and my husband had a beautiful photoshoot. Enjoyed the experience! Yasmin is super friendly and made us feel comfortable during the shoot. We have got beautiful pictures which I cant wait time to put them on the wall.

-Aisha Zubova

Thank you so much! Absolutely loved it and everyone is so lovely!

-Kayleigh Drake

Had a fantastic photoshoot with Yasmin you are a star... loves every moment of the photo shoot.

-Siaf Raza

Had the most amazing time here from start to finish, excellent service including the aftercare. Lovely guys to be around made us feel so comfortable.

-Poonam Kiran Bhavsar

Had a lovely morning, fun, relaxed and fantastic photos.. can’t thank you enough ! x

-Laura Curran

Genuinely amazing work by very talented ladies! Thanks for taking such beautiful photos of me and my family.

-Amy Jordan

Being a photographer myself, I am quite picky and critical to having other people taking my picture ..... I can not praise Yasmin and Simon enough for the great job they did with our very first family picture. We will be back! Thanks guys!

-Pernilla & Brian de Francesca

Thanks Yasmin ! You were fab.. not just behind the lens but as an individual as well ! Definitely coming bak for more !!

-Sameena Ali

Relaxed atmosphere and friendly professional staff, a great combination to get the best photos of you and your family! Highly recommended! Thank you YH Studios for the great Photos, experience and memories that I will cherish forever....

-Waqas Khawaja