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Well we are trying to keep everyone informed from every angle with the best tips and Tricks from make up, the best products, Kryolan of course!! So our partner company, The Lipstick Make Up institute writes a blog every day so follow it and learn how to do everything to do with make up in the best possible way!

We want to share all our secrets with you because we are full of knowledge. Combined together we have over 70 years of know how to do with make up, make up  applications , contouring, highlighting, lipsticks, eye shadow, eye make up, false lashes, eye liners, photography, lighting, editing, photoshop, beach shoots, location shoots, studio lighting, natural lighting basically anything you can think of, we know about it!

Follow us and we will only revitalise the interest within yourself to become interested in advancing your knowledge about everything. Giving you another interest or even just a hobby can only be a good thing! keeping the mind active keeps us active and prolongs and preserves lives!

See I am not just a mentor but a councillor and doctor too ha!

Trust me, keeping an interest or hobby only creates interest from other people and you become more of an interesting person. Try it and let me know the response.

More importantly though is keep the mind active and keep you looking beautiful so FOLLOW OUR BLOG!!


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  1. It’s interesting, the notion we have in our culture that sexuality and innocence are opposed to each other, and that learning about sexuality for a child represents a loss of innocence. I wonder if it stems from the feeling many people have that sexuality is dirty or wrong, and that’s why finding out about it “taints” the child. Anyway, thank you for sharing this story and I appreciate that it’s a difficult choice.

  2. Pau’s shooting 41% the only part of his game slumping. That has to pick up since he’ll likely be a floor spacer in D’Antoni’s system. Last 4 years: 56%, 53%, 52%, 50% so far this year 41%. Not being a primary post scorer the past few years has something to do with that steady drop. But it’s something to keep an eye on.

  3. Не нравится учитель английского языка во 2б классе, говорить с родителями не умеет, сразу воспринимает всё в штыки.Ребенок учится всего 2 недели, она даже не спросила у него, что он прошол в старой школе, что он знает, а что нет.И ставить двойку за то, что нет учебника, который она сама должна была выдать ребёнку.Как мне с ней разговаривать?

  4. , like a family. This is important and it is very good! This guy (Norweigian) do did not correct, it is bad and not good and just not nice. Insults should not be. We are all fine fellows, we are a healthy team, do that we love. We bear a useful for people. Looking at us more and more people will go in for sports and become healthier. This is wonderful. No negatives, only the positive! And what he said about Arnold. For Arnold Bodybuilding was meaning of life in his younger years, idée fixe! He often spoke about it! And do not implicate him name in of the negative comments.

  5. baixei o CD1 pelo rapidshare e megaupload com as 5 partes, extraí e montei a imagem usando o damon tolls e depois com o power iso, não apareceu o ícone de instalar e sim dizendo que o jogo era o need for speed most wanted, quando cliquei em jogar abriu o meu need for speed most wanted, alguém sabe o porque que isso está acontecendo, se quando for instalar o underground terei que desinstalar 1º o most wanted, ou está dando erro por ainda não ter o cd 2, mas se tiver o cd2 é bem provavél de rodar o most wanted.

  6. No one is every shocked when highly educated, socially liberal non-Christians who live in big cities vote for Democrats. Except when they are Asians.I'm sure that socially conservative, rural Christian Asians are overwhelmingly Republican. All 10 of them!If Republicans abandoned social issues, they'd pick up Asians as well as socially liberal whites. But then they'd risk losing white social conservatives, so it might be a wash.

  7. From , by Kenneth D. Whitehead, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education, at Ignatius (the later one) Insight Scoop:St. Ignatius of Antioch did not know of any such thing as a “Church” that was merely an assemblage of like-minded people who believed themselves to have been moved by the Spirit. The early Christians were moved by the Spirit to join the Church, the established visible, institutional, sacerdotal, and hierarchical Church-the only kind St. Ignatius of Antioch would ever have recognized as the Church.

  8. …Interesting, but I was thinking of something more mundane. Somthing along the lines of GOP bigwigs in “”.Republican bigwigs in my state didn’t bother with the formaility of a primary in ’04 and just nominated W. It was almost refreshing.

  9. MySpace isn’t the problem, it’s parents who let their kids do whatever they want without any supervision. Children should be allowed to have one, if it is supervised by an adult, making sure that they aren’t being contacted by a sexual predator or anything like that. By making your profile private, also signifigantly reduces your risk of being contacted by sexual predators.

  10. My coder is trying to persuade me to move to .net from PHP. I have always disliked the idea because of the expenses. But he’s tryiong none the less. I’ve been using WordPress on various websites for about a year and am anxious about switching to another platform. I have heard very good things about Is there a way I can transfer all my wordpress posts into it? Any kind of help would be really appreciated!

  11. Will simple exercise get rid of cellulite?I have little fat on the back of my thighs, and like many other women, I have a bit of cellulite. I am 16, and this isn’t so much of a big deal, but it looks sort of weird. Will exercising the back of the thighs to get rid of the my fat help get rid of cellulite also? Other remedies?

  12. even at 3.16 X.8 = 2.52, ethanol is still overpriced. it certainly does not save the money you claim.and, as you say, that is the price before the blender's credit is applied.thus, the real (unsubsidized) price is considerably higher.what is that, 45c a gallon?we're still paying that, just not at the pump. it's still a cost in the way that a 1.2% increase in global oil demand drives a 20% hike is gas prices. the elasticities are not that high.

  13. Eu menstruei no dia 17/10 e tive relação sexual no dia 21 tomei a pilula do dia seguinte pois meu namorado ejaculou dentro de mim, no dia 22/10 a menstruação foi embora. Quando foi hoje dia 26/10 a minha menstruação voltou. A menstruação vir duas vezes pode ser uma consequência por conta da pilula do dia seguinte?

  14. sinceramente tutte le recensioni estere che ho letto (critici autorevoli di inghilterra, spagna e USA che avevano amato i preecedenti film di sorrentino) erano molto negative. Ne sto leggendo bene solo sui giornali italiani e non mi sembra un buon segno. Lo dico senza cinismo, sono la prima a sperare che sia bello lo stesso.

  15. My family laughed when I told them I was going to bulk up with “Atomic Max Muscle”, but then I showed them the results. Do a search on Google for Atomic Max Muscle to see their reaction. (It was epic!)

  16. be fair to Microsoft they push IE7 and IE8 very hard, but a lot of people won't upgrade unless forced.@XpditeMost of those sites will work with compatibility mode in IE8 and maybe a few other tweaks in extreme cases. Also people can maybe stay on IE6 for those intranet apps and use Firefox or Chrome for Google and YouTube and everything else.

  17. Monsieur Vidberg, j’attends avec impatience une planche sur les salopards de poissons priviliégiés évitant la bousculade et ayant les moyens de rentrer en raie manta privée dès que le pétrole aura un peu baissé en densité (bon, ça, c’est dans l’hypothèse où BP arrive un jour à colmater la fuite, hein)

  18. I want to run another half. I was unkowningly 6 weeks pregnant at my first half and it went horribly. Morning sickness and exhausting had already set in, but I’d blamed it on the training. I know I can do better, but I’m telling myself not until she’s a year old and I’m not longer breastfeeding.Twitter:

  19. know who you are, and what would…be your blog’s contribution to their lives. the start is always the hardest part, sings the bach crooner, and without a doubt, it is one big reality here in blogging. it’s hard to talk to a wide and imaginary audience, yet…

  20. : "I'm glad I left the damned place eight years ago and can say it is nothing to do with me. At least it eases the embarrassment of having a Nigerian asking me what the hell is wrong with my country."What fun it would be, to sit at a high window in London with a really accurate suppressed .22. A .223 would be better, but you can't on the neighbors over there to keep quiet about it.

  21. Bonjour Salomé,Je vous ai répondu suite à votre précédent commentaire sur le post du calendrier des tournages à New York. Voici ma réponse :La fin du tournage de la saison est habituellement vers mi ou fin avril donc je ne peux pas vous dire aujourd’hui ce qu’il en sera cette année.En tous cas, s’il y a des tournages, nous les indiquerons dans la liste quotidienne des tournages.Et, comme d’habitude, si vous assistez au tournage et prenez des photos, nous pourrons les diffuser vous sur le site !XOEmmanuel

  22. A jak mają pod sufitem Ci, którzy wierzą w gadającego węża, człowieka ulepionego z gliny, w kobietę powstałą z żebra itd? Co za różnica latający penis, czy gadający krzak?Tobie kiedyś tak się pomerda w głowie, że sierotkę Marysię uczynisz matką boską od ozdób ogrodowych. Krasnale będą jej obowiązkową świtą.

  23. Io mi chiedo se mai uno degli scienziati promossi e pubblicizzati su questo blog arriverà mai a qualche risultato concreto. Mi sa che è come sperare che Valeria faccia un intervento intelligente.Quanta gente del resto se n'è già andata o ha sommessamente cambiato idea? Io resto qua, seduto qua (cit. M.Kuntz) pronto a chiedere scusa se serve.

  24. Although I live in Canada, I am praying for your great Country! People all over the world are praying. May God Bless the USA and in the name of Jesus, I pray that Romeny will be victorious!

  25. rosaliaque bueno que encontre la receta la andaba buacando , ya tenia mucho tiempo de querer hacerla pero no econtraba la indicada pero creo que la encontre y voy hacerla encuanto pueda bay …espero que me quede deliciosa y voy a segir los otros consejitos ., bueno nos vvvvvemos en otra deliciosa receta

  26. excellent article, natasha. it really does go to show that, although the government obviously has an important role to play in stopping trafficking, it really is up to the people to take a stand on the issue and demand action. the police can’t have eyes and ears everywhere, but if the public is willing to speak out then maybe someday the traffickers will have nowhere to hide.

  27. bepi · giovedì, 6 dicembre 2012, 4:37 pmPer i cojonazzi: si Vota ad Aprile, e per un accordo veramente di ferro con l’Europa, Voteremo con il “Porcellum”: Se si voleva votare con altra legge avrebbe dovuta essere approvata entro i primi di gennaio di quest’anno. Un anno e quattro mesi Prima della morte naturale di questa legislatura, e del semestre bianco di Napolitano. Che inizierà con il 1° Gennaio 2013. Quindi “pisì” dovremo votare con la vecchia legge. Il Porcellum.

  28. well it depends on how your want live your life.. last time i was really fed up in working full time.. too stressful.. I was thinking why not to just look for a simple job earn some average income & be happy with it…but opportunity comes and everyday I keep on improve my work and it makes it simple and more enjoyable….I would say that if it is a good opportunity .. try it.. worst case you could goes back to your old job right?

  29. read what I posted to that annon person. And on his/her behalf I apologize for his/her showing of ignorance on Christianity. Thank you.And…Two parents of the same party politics, huh? No wonder your a dem 🙂 (just jokes)Peace.~agape2010~

  30. You are a blessing to me, just for taking time to browse the site. Thank you! No problem about the URL, filling it in is optional! In fact, if you had a website or blog, that’s the address you’d put in the “URL” space, and your name would be the link that took me to your site. And don’t feel computer illiterate, before blogging I hardly knew the ins and outs either! So glad to welcome you to Home-steeped Hope. I looked at the calendar tonight and got all excited–December 1st! Merry Christmas a few days early…

  31. Grant can I get a B for my blowout predictiom? LolThe good news is our defense looks like they woke up, but our passing game is still scary. And I agree totally on the play calling. He keeps calling gimmick plays and we will become the 11 broncos of the NFC. No thanks. I think we learned today that they don’t trust smith on throwing deep routes. The game plans are built especially for smiths strengths. Short mistake free ball. Hope it good enough for a ring.

  32. The Toms River is a great river. It is clean, great for swimming, and an ideal spot for boating. I used to run in Island Heights, and it is a nice enough place, but a town of two faces: the places like this on the river and little two by nothing places in up on the hill on the downslope from the river.It is has an artsy feel, which is somewhat out of place in Ocean County, and as late as the 1980s some freak who owned an old Inn overlooking the river used to throw a party each year in celebration of Hitler’s birthday.

  33. Io ho mollato dopo i simil pterodattili in calore. Se leggerò in giro di un miglioramento forse la recupererò, ma ora come ora ci sono serie migliori da guardare.Comunque io sto seguendo molte serie inglesi: ti consiglio Life in Mars (quello inglese, non quello americano) se non l’hai già visto, e Being Human (sempre quello inglese e non il remake).E Downton Abbey *-*

  34. I think there’s also a issue of salary here, too. HR assumes that recent college grads are more suitable for entry level jobs and the entry level salaries that go along with them. Whereas, a commissioned officer or career veteran, making X number of dollars, may not be as apt to start over again at that level. Even if the transitioning military member IS truly willing, it’s a hard sell to HR and hiring managers.

  35. che orione vs te preguntas y el negro donde XXX esta conocemos todo el pais y ustedes no salen de ahi lo de orione son todos XX los de orione son todos XXX encima aceptas k llevaste 3 coles en una final k verguenza k son moncholeros viajaron seguro prendido XXX de guille y de gorra jajaj sigan participando hijo le falta mucho igual suerte….AGUANTE CHACO FOREVER Y NADIE MAS Y TE ASEGURO K LLEVAMOS MAS GENTE A FORMOSA K USTEDES MANGAS DE GATOS DE LA AZULA

  36. Dr. Bruce,The original drivers of the SBC ship were folks who held to Calvinistic theology. With the demise of Calvinism came the demise of sound theology in the SBC which ultimately led to the moderate/liberalism stuff which was thankfully defeated by the CR. The passengers need to wake up to the easy believism, man-centered theology that has been plaguing the SBC since at least 1925. Without sound God-centered theology the man-centered ship can’t keep floating.

  37. Well, it’s very true that they are set to release their English debut album next year because I knew that the girls were going to make their American debut this year but their US recording label, Interscope, had to give the girls the rest of this year to focus on their Asian activities. So, the girls’ American debut is absolutely set for next year. We will be looking forward to it

  38. Bowden said, “One problem with our current SBC system is the expectation that a seminary degree means one is ready to become a pastor rather than the expectation that one is merely ready to enter into an apprenticeship.”Dave says, “Amen.” Well said.

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  40. 1c2Lakto-ovovegetaristi ja vegaani ovat eri asioita. Kannattaisi opetella termit ja niiden tarkoitus ennen kuin alkaa vauhkoamaan. Kumma juttu kun nimenomaan ”lihansyöjät” aina hermostuvat, jos muut eivät halua esim. eettisistä syistä syödä lihaa. Jos erikoisruokavaliot hermostuttavat ruoka-alan ammattilaista niin vaihda alaa, äläkä pilaa ”ruokavammaisten” ravintolakokemusta.

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  42. I am helping to teach a sewing class at a co-op with middle/high school girls. We need to come up with three more projects for beginner sewers. So far we have pajama bottoms, scrunchies, zippered pouch, pillowcase, and pillow. Do you have any other suggestions and/or websites/youtubes you would recommend? We want it simple, but something the girls would be proud of. Loved looking at your projects!

  43. comentou em 11 de março de 2012 às 19:11. O make tá lindão! (tentei!) copiar hoje! hehe Mas o meu maior problemão foi o delineador, não ficou idêntico, mas quebrou o galho! É prática, né! como eu sou morena, usei o half ‘n half da mac nos lábios e adorei…esses mto claros como o Myth não ficam legal no nosso tom de pele! Mto obrigada, Petit! Vc é linda! Beijos

  44. Andreia comentou em 10 de novembro de 2011 às 14:56. Poderoooooosa!! Como sempre, você “arrebenta” em atitude e criatividade! Dê-me uma dica, por favor: qual foi o pincel usado para aplicar o delineador? Ainda nos olhos… qual o fabricante desse cotonete magérrimo que você usa e que dá esse retoque tão perfeito?Bjos e obrigada.

  45. I think you’re right that it’s a little bit of both. I always laugh at myself after the trial is over and I see how nicely it all worked out. Why did I ever doubt it would? But I know that with the next trial, I’ll go through the same cycle. Maybe it’s human nature. Hang in there! I’m sure there is a plan in store for you.Sara´s last [type] ..

  46. No, Sean, you misunderstand the reason we would like you to leave. You cannot see yourself. You are not productive or constructive.You are not providing us with useful information.You’re not even creative in your thoughts.We have serious concerns and your input is not helpful.You, sir, are a waste of energy in this forum.

  47. I normally don’t like the idea of Atlanta taking a TE in the second round… but as I read the rest of your picks for the team, the mock turned out really well for them. TE so early was a bit of a luxury pick, but the needs were attacked rapdily thereafter with a DE, multiple OL picks and even safety depth. Well done!

  48. Ach je, das mit dem Glauben, das ist so eine Sache…Ich steige normalerweise an der Stelle aus, wo Gott mich zwar bedingungslos liebt, aber trotzdem ein paar ganz klitzekleine, kaum nennenswerte Hausregeln aufgestellt hat, an die ich mich halten kann oder eben auch nicht – aber wenn ich es nicht tue, überlegt es sich dann doch lieber noch mal, ob er mich nicht vielleicht doch mit Liebesentzug bestrafen sollte.

  49. See if you can get help and advice with the Altzheimers for your Dad, Vix – the advocate that the hospital social team appointed for my Aunty was massively supportive when she ended up in hospital after falling. And they were brilliant with my Mum (who had been her carer for years). Keep going hun – thinking about you – you will come out the other side. Take good care of yourself – hope everything gets sorted out very soon xx

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  51. Interesting…one of our favorite Halloween movies (in fact we watched it tonight) is Halloween – a classic tale of, you guessed it, an insane murderer who escapes from an asylum to start killing innocent teenagers! It just seemed like good clean spooky fun, but now that I actually think about it, it is perpetuating a stereotype. I’ll be sure and chat with my kids about it when they get up tomorrow so they’re aware too.

  52. Les métiers sont obligés de s’adapter aux nouveaux supports. Les petites annonces ont donc migré au numérique mais le contenu a bien changé : textes plus longs, photos, vidéos etc… Ce que j’essayais d’expliquer est que faire un simple copier coller et penser le numérique comme une déclinaison du papier est inutile : ce ne sont pas les mêmes attentes ni les mêmes usages.

  53. this man is obviously a criminal. LUTH has made very little or no progress since he assumed leadership of the institution. I wonder why the government allows him to continue to reck the institution. It is however disappointing that the various unions within this citadel havent been able to wrestle him to the ground.

  54. – I love the picture of staci and noah going down the slide with emilee’s feet sticking out in between. so cute! and a priceless photo of 2 beautiful strong women – your mom and your wife. as for emilee, it breaks my heart to see those laser burns…but i know God is healing it bit by bit…can see the peaceful look on her face as she’s sleeping. i’m sorry you and staci have to see emilee endure those painful treatments…we’ll be praying for her! and noah? love his smile! especially on that yellow ride thing!

  55. We have just started working on a web design for a client who represents about 40 product lines, with hundreds of products each. His current website has an online interactive catalog, but the cost of maintaining it far exceeds the sales. For now he has decided to switch to a much simple site, with PDF’s clients can view and download..

  56. Not to mention the person-hours it takes to refold clothes, rehang items, re-size displays, steam items that have been left wrinkled, go in the back multiple times to check for requested sizes/colors… time taken away from other customers that actually might want to buy something. It’s so ridiculous that she thinks she is owed this kind of time in a retail store multiple times a week. What a nightmare.

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  58. Michal Ryška: Možná jde taky o to, že např. z pohledu VŠ vzdělaných státních zaměstnanců pobírajících jako plat právě pouze onu "částku rozhodnou pro výpočet platové základny" vypadá onen fatální ústavně právní boj za zachování soudcovského trojnásobku přece jen jako poněkud odtažitá problematika. Pavel Caban

  59. Hi Benoit. If you’ve got one of the newer versions of Photoshop that reads Canon RAW files, then you should be able to do all the relevant levels adjustments in Photoshop. I find Adobe’s RAW interface to be a bit awkward, which is why I use DPP (distributed free with Canon dSLRs) or Phase One’s Capture One (commercial software).

  60. There is something you can do about it, English Rose. Remember what was the ideological force that kept europe united against islamo-fascism? We need to get back to it ASAP.Secondly, close down the borders.Thirdly, expose the European union for what it is, meanigly, a comunist pipe dream under the guise of “union”. Fourthly, make the ties with the USA and Israel stronger, and form a “Anti-Dhimmitude” Aliance between Europe, the USA and Israel.Basically, be proud of being european and (if that is your case) Christian, and not be ashamed of it.

  61. Superb blog! Do you have any tips for aspiring writers? I’m hoping to start my own blog soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you advise starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many options out there that I’m totally overwhelmed .. Any suggestions? Cheers!

  62. Who’s the Flipping moron giving Flipping thumbs down for using the word Flipping? without Flipping you would have half cooked pancakes, a sun burned belly and a white butt, handicap seals and penquins, nothing to do with your lid, and no way of letting the driver behind you know that you can hear his horn!Hot debate. What do you think? 6  3

  63. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You obviously know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you could be giving us something enlightening to read?

  64. Sì, non l'ho detto nella precedente risposta a Gian Piero Biancoli: il verbo citare in italiano è polisemico, ma to quote in inglese lo è altrettanto. Storpiarlo in quotare aggiunge solo confusione a confusione, perché anche quotare ha già molti significati tecnici ("fissare il prezzo, il corso o il cambio corrente di merci, valori mobiliari e divise estere", oppure "corredare le parti rappresentate con le quote, con le misure planimetriche e altimetriche", e altri).I termini presi dall'inglese e usati impropriamente in italiano, molto numerosi, si chiamano .

  65. I love that woodland fabric! ymm ymm. I just finished revamping my quilting room and I do have a spot for that fabric on my cutting table!I am currently working on a giant star that will be for raffle next year for our fraternal organization. I am using Eleanor Burns book this is a very simple star if you cut, press and sew accurately. I love picking out the fabrics and seeing the end design. It is posted on my blog if you would like to take a look at it.Thanks for the great giveway

  66. Vasua95 Моя влана думка! Яке кому діло хто що слухає що хоче то і слухає це є власний вибір кожного!

  67. Minäkin muistelen, että silloin joskus lapsena/nuorena tämä oli mielestäni hieno teos, ei nyt sentään Kokemus mutta melkein. 😉 Niitä tosi suuria lukumuistoja ei ehkä kannatakaan pilata lukemalla kirjoja uudelleen, saattaa pettyä pahasti. Vaikka parhaimmillaan tietty haltioituu kuin lapsena ja saa vielä toisenlaisen, aikuisen lukukokemuksen kaupan päälle… Riskaabelia hommaa! ;)Ilman muuta tätä voi suositella lapsille ja kelle vain. Sanoma ja tarina olivat ok, tökki vain se toteutustapa.

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