Shoot on Kite Beach

What a fabulous way to start the day doing a shoot on Kite Beach.

Shooting with all the kids on Kite Beach was great fun.

Was such great fun.

All the  kids were full of energy and ready  to get involved in al the fun activities on the beach.

I was very fortunate to have met a beautiful lady called , ” Candice”.

This woman is remarkable and an inspiration.

Candice, very kindly  invited me to come over and taking some shots of the kids whilst they were participating in all these activities.

The children dedication really impressed me and I loved it.

Please all mums just have a look at all the screenshots below. Give me the number of the photos that you would like, we will edit them and send them to you.

Each photograph will only be AED30. You can by various means, cash, bank transfer, cash machine. Any way which makes life easy.

You can call us on 05 283 49964.

We are located in The CNN Building , Media City, third floor, office 302., “The Lipstick Make Up Institute and YH Studios”.

By our title you can see that we also have a make up institute. as well as teaching we also provide make up and hair for any occasion. At the institute or at your desired location.

check us out:

I am always available for family shoots too. If you want some cool shots of the kids in the studio or a shoot for their portfolio or basically anything then get in touch.

I have been doing this now for 29 years so you will be in good hands ha ha.

Here are all the images, there are a lot. Hope you love as we loved taking them. Yasmin

Page 1 kids Kite Beach
Kite Beach Sheet 2
page 3, kite Beach Activities
Page 4 of fun in the sun
Sheets of fun
Page 6 Kite Beach
Saturday fun
7 Kite Beach

Fun YH Studios



fun in the sun YH Studios
Page 15 of Kite Beach
Page 16 of Kite Beach






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