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Day 1 of Arab Fashion Week in KSA.

Day 1 of Arab Fashion Week in KSA. Was so privileged to have me and my team from YH Studios DXB be  an active part in this wonderful event.  We covered all backstage photography and videography for Arab Fashion Week I am so please that we got some really fantastic shots and footage.

We were over whelmed opportunity to be a part of an historical happening. Arab Fashion Week has put some huge shows on and this did not disappoint. For the first time in Saudi Arabia @arabfashioncouncil was proud to hold   the first ever fashion show in this country full of amazing, beautiful people who cannot do enough to help you and make you feel so welcome.


YH Studios DXB Has been involved many times in Arab Fashion Week so was so happy to be apart of this once again.

We were all so overwhelmed by the generosity of time and hospitality that the Arabic people displayed. They welcomed us into their country with open arms.

As for the Fashion Show! To be working with he team from Jena Paul Gaultiere was just incredible. I have admired everything about this guy so to be up close and personal with his amazing catwalk designs was such a privilege.

The models were flown in from all over the world so a good range of faces for the runway.  They were lovely to work with and very professional. We all worked together as a team and this is a major attribute to making a show very successful. We are all there to achieve amazing results for us all.

Behind the scenes is where all the action happens and I just love it. We get some off the cuff shots and  natural video footage which makes the final cuts so authentic.

Jean Paul Gaultiere catwalk was just heaven, the clothes complimented each model and the spiraling video on the tv screen behind was so complimentary, was mind blowing.

Shoot on Kite Beach

What a fabulous way to start the day doing a shoot on Kite Beach.

Shooting with all the kids on Kite Beach was great fun.

Was such great fun.

All the  kids were full of energy and ready  to get involved in al the fun activities on the beach.

I was very fortunate to have met a beautiful lady called , ” Candice”.

This woman is remarkable and an inspiration.

Candice, very kindly  invited me to come over and taking some shots of the kids whilst they were participating in all these activities.

The children dedication really impressed me and I loved it.

Please all mums just have a look at all the screenshots below. Give me the number of the photos that you would like, we will edit them and send them to you.

Each photograph will only be AED30. You can by various means, cash, bank transfer, cash machine. Any way which makes life easy.

You can call us on 05 283 49964.

We are located in The CNN Building , Media City, third floor, office 302., “The Lipstick Make Up Institute and YH Studios”.

By our title you can see that we also have a make up institute. as well as teaching we also provide make up and hair for any occasion. At the institute or at your desired location.

check us out: http://thelipstickmakeup.institute

I am always available for family shoots too. If you want some cool shots of the kids in the studio or a shoot for their portfolio or basically anything then get in touch.

I have been doing this now for 29 years so you will be in good hands ha ha.

Here are all the images, there are a lot. Hope you love as we loved taking them. Yasmin

Page 1 kids Kite Beach
Kite Beach Sheet 2
page 3, kite Beach Activities
Page 4 of fun in the sun
Sheets of fun
Page 6 Kite Beach
Saturday fun
7 Kite Beach

Fun YH Studios



fun in the sun YH Studios
Page 15 of Kite Beach
Page 16 of Kite Beach






Creative magazine Shoot with Al Khaleej Magazine

We are so pleased to of been involved in  this Creative magazine shoot  with the weekend magazine Al khaleej.
We decided to go with an 80’s theme for the front cover and supply a step by step makeup guide for our creative makeup look.

The Team from The Lipstick Make Up Institute managed the make up and The Team from YH Studios did the style  and the design of our creative magazine shoot cover.
The 80’s theme to spice things up a little and give the readers something different.
The hair was Styled by my good Irish friend, Cyril from Ted Morgans hair salon and with a little help from another good friend,  Jamilla Paul.

Happy Snapper, ready for our creative magazine shoot
Cool Shot of our Cyril ready for our creative magazine shoot
Our Cyril ready for his shoot!
Cyril looks as cool as Cucumber.
Creative Hair Stylist , Jamilla Paul with Lara Tabet.
Lovely Shot of Jamilla Paul, Creative hair Director.

Our Cyril is a  stylish guy with a cheeky face.
If I could do a project like this every day I would because its exciting and creative

Everyone pulls together and supports each other.

We actually involved one of our students from The Lipstick Make up institute– Zouha. She was in her final week of The International Platinum Media Make up course and was a great project for her to exit with.

Especially as this was a great attribute to her portfolio that YH Studios made for her.

Make up and photography are just the best combination.

These two Go together like a bird and a feather. Dream Team.

We would not get projects like this if we didn’t have the 2 companies.
We all strive to be on the front cover and finally here we did. Hope you all like the creativity and style of the cover.

We like to inspire our readers so you can achieve your creative look.


Home Page

Corporate shots For Willis Towers with YH Studios

Corporate Photo Shoot with Willis Towers with YH studios and the Lipstick Makeup Institute team 

The YH studios and the Lipstick Makeup Institute team had great fun shooting corporate photographs recently with Willis Towers. We shoot   for many companies in Dubai.

Clients can come to the studio or we can visit your company. Whatever is easiest.

The team at work! 

Making him even more beautiful than he already is


He’s got the model skills


For Willis Towers we went to their offices and set up our very own studio and make up – hair station.

We had a fabulous morning with the amazing team at Willis Towers, meeting them all and having fun with them.

The Hair and Makeup stations

Hair was looking perfect after we get our hands on it
Make up at the ready


Testing Shots 

Last minute thinking


Test Shot


The YH studio team alway have such enjoyable days when they get to do corporate shoots, we get to meet so many great people and it creates new relationships.  We work around you. We know how busy your day gets so are flexible to visit your office or you to come to our studio between your meetings.

Come and meet our wonderful team at YH Studios and the Lipstick Makeup Institute  we will look after your corporate needst.  We guide you through your shoot.  Make sure so you look your best and natural.

We take shots from different angles, different posies so you can choose the right one for you.

Artists on stand by for touch ups


Corporate shots for your company website.

Having corporate photographs on your  website it makes your company much more personal and professional.

You feel like before you have met this company you already get to know them. Call us for your best shots!


Kids Beach Fashion Photoshoot

Its such a pleasure to shoot with these lovely kids. They are just so so cute.

We are asked to do this shoot from a company in India. They found us on the internet and loved our work.

So on this front we were very happy too. I decided to break the shoot in to 2 separate parts. One on The Palm Jumeirah at sunset. The client sent me some photos of a kind of dream state backlit subject so I thought that would be ideal. In fact it was as I caught them perfectly.

We just love working with children. After nearly 29 years from my start of loving photography. I have mastered the key elements of getting the best from my clients. No matter how small they are!

I guide them in a way that they don’t really know that they are being asked. I let them play and capture them at their most natural.

This is really when you get the best shots . Have a look at these photos and tell me what you think? We would love all your input.

These kids are so beautiful and look so good in the clothes. The client was  so very happy with the shots as its shows his clothes off so lovely. In fact its so lovely to see the boys wearing pink.  They are so sweet.

Our sister company The Lipstick make Up Institute pampered the kids. They put lipgloss on them. Gel in the boys hair and make them feel like little film-stars. We had a video made too so they felt really special.  They were so cute. On the video the kids had to shout, ” We love One Friday”. The little one could not say it properly. Was so cute, honestly. Makes one want to get married and have my own!

Have a look at these beautiful pictures.


المملكة المتحدة الزفاف تبادل لاطلاق النار مع ياسمين حسين

 المتحدة للقيام تبادل لاطلاق النار الزفاف. كما هو الحال مع أي مكان في العالم، لذلك من الصعب الحصول على شخص ما أن تفعل شيئا المهنية وموثوقة ومتسقة. أنا كل هذه يسرني جدا أن أقول. سنوات من الممارسة مع التصوير.

حتى سمعتي العائدات لي، وأنا سعيد أن أقول!

في الصباح على الرغم من قلبي لم تغرق لكيري ولي كما فتحت السماء. لم لكن ليس لديهم ثقة في الطقس البريطاني. ومن التغييرات في قطرة من قبعة وكنت الاعتماد على هذا! صحيح أن كلامي فعلت وحصلنا على بعض الطلقات مذهلة من البحيرة والبجع فقط قرر أن يطير معا وهذا مجرد خلق الكمال الأصلي النار الزفاف. فقط ما أحب!

وأنا أحاول أن تجلب نوعا من الشعور التحرير في تبادل لاطلاق النار. عملاء يعتقدون أنهم يريدون التقليدي حقا لأن هذا هو ما يجعلها أكثر إثارة للاهتمام. ونحن دائما نعتقد اننا نعرف ما نريد ولكن عندما يقدم لنا شيئا مختلفا قليلا ثم، عادة، نحن نحب ذلك. وليس لأننا لم نكن نريد ذلك في المقام الأول. لمجرد أننا لم نفهم ذلك أو تخيل كيف سيكون. مرة واحدة في سياق ذلك الحين ونحن عموما مثل ذلك.

أنا أحب واحدة من كيري مع السيجارة تتدلى من فمها. في يوم تمنيت فعلا أن كنت قد أحضرت معي سترة جلدية معي وزوج من الأحذية. كيري يمكن أن يرتديها لهم. ان اطلاق النار لكنت قد حصلت كانت "الأشرار". ان الزي يكون لائقا للأي #nightclub في المملكة المتحدة أو دبي!

ذكرني تبادل لاطلاق النار لمجلة كنت أعمل forin دعا شلتنهام كوتسوولد أسلوب "أنا أطلق النار على نموذج جميل في جماعة مشابهة جلس على كرسي مع جاك الاتحاد! كان لكوينز اليوبيل.

التمتع الصور. أنا أحب اطلاق النار عليهم. لكم تمنيت لو كان لي الماكياج فريق معيthelipstickmakeupinstitute.

husna, laqad tasharraft watashawfid lilghayat lidaeawatihim 'iilaa almamlakat almuttahidat lilqiam tabadul li'iitlaq alnnar alzzifaf. kama hu alhal mae 'ay makan fi alealami, ldhlk min alssaeb alhusul ealaa shakhs ma 'an tafeal shayyanaan almihniat wamawthuqat wamutasiqat. 'ana kl hadhih yasruni jiddaan 'an 'aqul. sanawat min almumarasat mae alttaswir.
hatta sumeati aleayidat ly, wa'ana saeid 'ann aqwl!
fi alssabah ela alrghm min qalbi lm taghraq likiry wali kama ftht alssama'. lm lkn lays ladayhim thiqat fi alttaqs albritani. wamin alttaghyirat fi qutarat min qbeat wakunt alaietimad ealaa hdha! sahih 'ann klami faealt wahasalna ealaa bed alttalaqat mudhhilatan min albahirat walbaje faqat qarrar 'ann yatir maeaan wahadha mjrd khalaq alkamal al'asli alnnar alzfaf. faqat ma ahb!
wa'ana 'ahawil 'ann tajlub naweaan min alshshueur alttahrir fi tabadul li'iitlaq alnnari. eumala' yaetaqidun 'annahum yuridun alttaqlidi haqqanaan li'ann hadha hu ma yajealuha 'akthar 'iitharat llilaihtimam. wanahn dayimaan naetaqid 'annana naerif ma nurid walakun eindama yuqaddim lana shayyana mmukhtalifana qalilana thamma, eadat, nahn nahb dhalik. walays li'annana llam nakun nurid dhlk fi almaqam al'awla. limujrad 'annana lm nafham dhlk 'aw tukhayil kayf sayakuna. marratan wahidatan fi siaq dhlk alhin wanahn eumumaan mithl dhalik.
'ana 'uhibb wahidatan min kiri mae alssiijarat tatadalla min fmha. fi yawm tamnit fielaan 'ann kint qad 'ahdarat maei satrat jaladiat maei wuzuj min al'ahdhiati. kiri ymkn 'an yartadiaha lihum. 'ann 'iitlaq alnnar lakunt qad hasalat kanat "al'ashrar". 'ann alzzi yakun layiqaan lil'ay #nightclub fi almamlakat almuttahidat 'aw dby!
dhikruni tabadul li'iitlaq alnnar lmjlt kunt 'aemal forin daeaan shiltanham kutswulid 'uslub "ana 'atlaq alnnar ealaa namudhaj jamil fi jamaeat mushabihat juls ealaa kursi mae jak alaittihada! kan likuinz alyubil.
alttamattue alssur. 'ana 'uhibb 'iitlaq alnnar ealayhim. lakum tamnnit law kan li almakiaj fariq mmaeythelipstickmakeupinstitute.

img_4238 img_4233b img_4226b img_4222b img_4219 img_4218b img_4216 img_4208b img_4206c img_4206b img_4198img_4181b img_4178 img_4174 img_4171b img_4165 img_4163 img_4158 img_4156 img_4154b img_4153b img_4151b img_4150 img_4148 img_4146bimg_4144 img_4142b img_4137 img_4132b img_4129b img_4127b img_4126b img_4123 img_4120bimg_4083b img_4082 img_4081b img_4079 img_4077b img_4076b img_4074b img_4069 img_4065 img_4062 img_4061b img_4059b img_4058b img_4056 img_4054b img_4051 img_4050b img_4044a img_4041 img_4039 img_4037b img_4036b img_4031b img_4029img_3980 img_3978 img_3976 img_3972 img_3970img_3946 img_3941 img_3940 img_3938bimg_3919 img_3915b img_3912 img_3911 img_3908 img_3901bimg_3864 img_3858b img_3852 img_3849b img_3848img_3840 img_3839b img_3837b img_3835b img_3834b img_3832b img_3830 img_3828bimg_3726 img_3722b img_3720b img_3715 img_3711img_3637b img_3629b img_3639b img_3644b img_3626b img_3624 img_3623img_3596 img_3593b img_3591 img_3584 img_3582b img_3578b img_3576b img_3575b img_3573 img_3571 img_3564 img_3552b img_3548 img_3546 img_3543 img_3537 img_3535 img_3532 img_3528 img_3520b img_3520img_3513 img_3511 img_3508b img_3504 img_3503 img_3500b img_3498bimg_3409 img_3415 img_3417img_3354b img_3352b img_3345 img_3338cimg_3281bimg_3278b img_3277b img_3275

img_4269 img_4268 img_4266 img_4264b img_4259b img_4258b

FOLLOW ME: http://thelipstickmakeup.institute/blog/

Hi All . Do you want something interesting to read?

If so, then please follow our log from our sister company, Lipstick Make Up Institute.  http://thelipstickmakeup.institute/blog/

We opened this only one year ago and we have reached major success already and are continuing to grow.

Look at the shots from some of our students. We are so proud of what they achieve.

m5 _mg_9786 _mg_9232 _mg_9228-1v











Another Amazing Sunday

Hi everyone

Feeling relaxed and chilled after another, “Amazing Sunday” at Nikki Beach. Every week we are there doing the photography and make up.  Its just feels like the most relaxing place in Dubai. Very chilled atmosphere, cool music and of course with winter upon us the weather is amazing!

As you can see by all our pictures everyone just enjoys themselves. They get into the spirit and come to my make up teams to get their Native American Make Up done.

Everyone gets into the spirit of the day that turns into night. Not only is the DJ pumping to he tunes but there is added entertainment from the electronic Violinist. Sometimes, there is the addition of a drummer that beats out and echoes the bass of the tunes from the DJ.


We have all the head dresses too so we can take some amazing photos of you. Photography is what we do as a job but its not really. Its a way of life. I know I am privileged to have found this forte in my life. I have carefully selected my staff who have the same passion as me too. As there is no point in doing something that you hate and just to pay the bills. In this vocation, it will show. You cannot disguise passion. You either have it or you don’t.


I have been a photographer now from starting at the age of 16 years old at college so really 29years. Still, I awake every day wondering what the day will bring. Each day, each light, each blow of the wind brings something new. Even if I go to the same beach every day using the same backdrop I will never repeat the same picture twice. A picture is taken in the moment. Each shot is an individual portrait.


Enjoy the pictures and we will check in again with you next week @ #thelipstickmakeupinstitute which is fast becoming the best make up institute in Dubai and #yhstudiosdxb at #nikkibeachdubai.

Ciao for now!





img_1260 img_1257 img_1254 img_1185 img_1134 img_1129 img_1109 img_1072 img_1051 img_1048






img_1046 img_1040 img_1025 img_0939 img_0936 img_0911 img_0898 img_0892 img_0843-copy img_0839-copy




img_0831-copy img_0829-copy img_0826-copy img_0823-copy img_0819-copy img_0817-copy img_0816-copy img_0803-copy img_0799-copy img_0797-copy

img_0797-copyimg_0796-copy img_0792-copy img_0791-copy img_0789-copy img_0788-copy img_0787-copy img_0783 img_0781-copy img_0780
























UK Wedding Shoot with Yasmin Hussain

Well, I was honoured and extremely chuffed to be invited to the UK to do a wedding shoot. As with anywhere in the world, its so difficult to get someone to do something professional, reliable and consistent. I am all these I am very glad to say. Years of practise with photography.

So my reputation proceeds me., which I am happy to say!

On the morning though my heart did sink For Kerry and Lee as the heavens opened. I did however have faith in the British weather. It changes at the drop of a hat and I was relying on this! True to my word it did and we got some incredible shots by the lake and the swans all decided to fly together and this just created a perfect original wedding shot. Just what I like!

I try to bring some kind of editorial feel into a shoot.  Clients think  they want really traditional as this is what makes it more interesting. We always think we know what we want but when we are offered something slightly different then , normally, we love it. Its not because we didn’t want it in the first place. Its just that we did not understand it or imagine how it would be. Once in context then we generally like it.

I just love the one of Kerry with the cigarette hanging out of her mouth. On the day I really wished that I had brought a leather jacket with me and a pair of boots.   Kerry could have worn them. The shot I would have got would have been , “wicked”. The outfit would be fit for any #nightclub in the UK or Dubai!


It reminded me of a shoot for a magazine I used to work forin Cheltenham called Cotswold Style” I shot a beautiful model in a similar outfit sat on a chair with the Union Jack! It was for the Queens Jubilee.


Enjoy the images. I loved shooting them. I just wished I had my make up team with me @thelipstickmakeupinstitute.

img_3280 img_3287 img_3292b img_3384b img_3415 img_3442 img_3468 img_3500b img_3503b img_3520b img_3535 img_3546 img_3573 img_3596 img_3644 img_3672b img_3696b img_3700b img_3711b img_3745 img_3756 img_3756b img_3758b img_3759b img_3767b img_3783 img_3792b img_3800b img_3832 img_3844b img_3847b img_3869b img_3883 img_3932 img_3940 img_3946b img_3962 img_3967 img_3992 img_3996 img_4009b img_4014b img_4019 img_4029 img_4039b img_4051b img_4054 img_4061b img_4062b img_4091b img_4101b img_4126b img_4127b img_4137 img_4144b img_4150b img_4163 img_4187 img_4198b img_4219b img_4226b img_4253b img_4258











This is one of my Favourite images!


Our Sister Company Lipstick is blogging

From The Lipstick Make Up Institute: Our second day at #billionairemansiondubai where we are doing all the halloween make up! Scary stuff ha. One of the best nightclubs in Dubai.

Don’t you just love Dubai? Everyone just gets so  involved and makes the most of every occasion. It really is a community like no other. I feel that everyone cares about themselves and loves one another and really do make friends easy here. Make up and photography brings everyone together in a unique way.

This is a city to party and make the most out of life. You would think in an Arab country things would be a little suppressed but Sheikh Mohammed in my eyes and really everyone I know we call him The Great Sheikh Mohammed. He is the greeters guy on this earth in my opinion, I can say that because my father is no longer with us!

He has given us an opportunity to come here and live our dreams. He has given us the freedom to grow and create and party! I can’t thank this great man enough.

So getting back to Halloween, As I do tend to meander when I feel passionate about things which is basically everything!!

Here are some shots of our amazing Lipstick make Up Institute Team at work.

Hope you like them.

Tune in all this week for our diverse lifestyles. Tomorrow Nikki Beach!

img_5594 img_5595 img_5596 img_5597 img_5598 img_5599 img_5627 img_5629 img_5630 img_5632 img_5634 img_5635 img_5636 img_5637 img_5638