35 years a professional Photographer

35 years a professional Photographer

35 years a professional Photographer, this is me, Yasmin Hussain.

I just had to write this blog about my studio YH Studios. As an employer, I get many applications for jobs. I see so many CV”s on a daily basis.

The standard of photography is really worrying. For instance, I have just read someones resume. The claim to have worked with Major brands. For example,  like Coca Cola and Shell.

Standards are terrible

As a photographer for  a long time, I think I am able to judge what is professional and what is not. This person was a complete beginner, like 1st year at 16 years old. Yes, they are claiming they are professional. This is what studios are face d with. People who have just bought a camera and trying to push into the market.


This happens in every industry and for a short space of time ruins the flow. Customers buy into it until they see the results then revert back to the professional studios.


Check out our work at www.yhstudiosdxb.com


Loose Faith

You can make your own judgement. It actually makes me really mad that these imposters are spoiling things. Not just for me but their clients. Whats happens is that the clients loose faith. They don’t know who to trust.

Here are some examples of our amazing photography. You can judge for yourself.

This is work also from the lipstick makeup institute  www.thelipstickmakeup.institute

Its our other company, I cant even begin to tell you what applications I get for this one.


The quality of bad makeup artists in Dubai must be the worst ever. I have had had so many come through my doors. Especially the new ones. They buy makeup and call the selfs a pro.


Consequently, I argue all the time on social media about this. Soon a I am sure I will get banned as I tell the truth.


Despite this, All in all, Its funny, have a good day guys.


35 years a professional Photographer