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Gerrys 60th Birthday party

Gerrys 60th Birthday party

Time to enjoy life

What a fantastic night celebrating Gerrys 60th Birthday Party  at Pier Chic .

The food was just amazing with free flowing champagne was what a party is all about! People came from all over the world to share this momentous occasion with these lovely couple and their children.

Please take a look at the photos below and let me know which images you would like and we will email them to you.

It was so lovely to be surrounded by so many different nationalities, partying until the early hours.


I was honoured to be chosen to shoot Gerrys 60th Birthday party. Especially as it was at Pier Chic. therefore as you can imagine, I was in my element.


As a gift we did Gerrys wife’s make up by  The Lipstick Makeup Institute.

Time to get together

Its always a nice event to celebrate your birthday with friends and family.

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Gerrys 60th birthday party
Lovely Celebrating Gerry’s 60th Birthday Party at Pierchic.






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Memories like Gerrys 60th Birthday Party

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Bet let us take care of it so you will always remember. Photos are such a tear jerker and also makes you smile. I have so many memories in the form of photos,. Therefore as you can imagine I am always crying ha ha .


I would not have it any other way. I treasure my photos as most people do. We are now in a digital world so we can store more photos.


See you soon guys.

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