Reasons To Update Your Headshot

Reasons To Update Your Headshot

Reasons To Update Your Headshot: How often should i update my headshot? A headshot is a professional, high quality image that becomes a keystone of your personal brand.

It is used to present you and your essence to the world in a wide variety of business applications.

New headshots allow you to connect with your audience and show yourself as you look in the present moment. For many professionals, staying current is paramount and a new image is a way to promote yourself, market your services, and maintain an up-to-date brand.

How often you update depends on the use of your headshot, but chances are you will want to update it more often than you expect. New photos can keep prospects interested and connected to you, especially on social media and LinkedIn.

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The following circumstances may indicate it’s time for an update: 


Your look may have changed a great deal since your last headshot. A change in hairstyle is always a good time to update your photos, so people know what to expect when they meet you in person. And if your fashion has been updated — you might be changing your personal brand or adopting a new wardrobe — it’s a good time to update your image.



Your career, work place, or client base may have shifted and a new image can be a great way to mark a shift in circumstances.



You may be experiencing a time where you feel at your personal best; this is the best time to get your newest image! That fresh energy will be conveyed in your updated photo.



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