SECRET number 5: How to pose correctly to always look your BEST!

5.  Don’t follow the group! Be an individual !!
The key to a getting noticed and being an individual is  NOT all doing the same pose. Not only is just boring  and stiff but its not fun.We are all individuals with our own charcters and personalities so I always try and bring this out in a photo.

Creating memories is what photography is all about and we want to remember when we look back at an image that was taken wherever and when it was. We can immediately identify our friends characters by the way they shine in a photo. Some of us are more serious, some laugh more, some do the same pose. Its amazing. I love it.  We are all so different yet need each other in many different ways.

We go through life and meet so many people that the only way to record a moment apart from storing it in our memories tightly locked away in our hearts and brains is to take pictures. We all love it, more and more every day.

I was told a joke the other day that just summed this statement up:


A couple were in a fancy restaurant and the starters came, decorated and presented beautifully. The couple started to eat and then the waiter came over and asked if something was wrong? The couple rep[lied, “no, why?” and the waiter relied that,” I thought something was wrong as you did not photograph your food!”


Be yourself, always and forever. That what our friends love about

us and will always remember us the way we are.

This shot is off the phone.




This is off the phone




This shot is off the phone11235395_903623189714764_8866633020659761454_o        This is a studio shot.