Why do I need a headshot?

Why do I need a headshot?

Why do I need a headshot? In the first place you need to stand out.

Of course the pictures is the first thing someone sees.

In the light of todays world its so competitive.

Not to mention, not enough jobs for everyone.

Furthermore there are so many people going for the same job/

Equally important is to choose a good photo studio in Dubai. YH Studios Photo Studio are the best.

On the other hand you need to choose great outfits for your shoot.

Whereas in the old days it was more important to be able to do the job.

Similarly you need to catch the eye of the employer.

How shall I book a shoot?

Firstly, decide on some great clothes to wear.

Secondly, if you need a hair or beard cut, get it before your shoot

Thirdly, call us and make a booking

Lastly, come prepared to get some wonderful photographs.


Nevertheless, whatever you wear we will make the best of it. As much as its down to you, its our job to get the best angles of you.

Regardless of the outfits you can be sure that we will get amazing shots for you.

In reality, these shots will get you the position you want.

If you are struggling for poses before you come.

have a look at our website and look under Headshot Photography to get some ideas.


In the same fashion as cool shoots, we treat headshot photography.

Its equally important. In the first place you want to always show yourself in the best light.

We also offer hair and makeup service from The Lipstick Makeup Institute. 

Just mention this when you call us and we will arrange it for you.

We look forward to seeing you soon and making the magic happen at YH Studios Photo Studio.


Why do I need a headshot?
Yasmin Hussain from Yh Studios