If you’re searching to find your dream job, let us share a little secret with you: Make it easier for your dream job to find you, by having a professional profile picture! It’s a known fact that LinkedIn profiles with a picture get 21 times more views, and make you 36 times more likely to be contacted through messages, than those without a profile picture.

Tip 1: Pick a photo that looks like you 

The purpose of a LinkedIn profile pic is that potential employers can see exactly who they’ll meet if they move on with your recruitment process and want to do a face to face interview. It’s essential that your LinkedIn photo gives a clear and accurate depiction of how you currently look. This is our number one LinkedIn profile picture tip!

It just doesn’t speak well of you as a professional. Keep in mind that every time you make a drastic change in your appearance (you start wearing glasses or have a major hairstyle change) you should update your LinkedIn profile pic in order to let others see the current you.


Tip 2: Choose the right expression 

Think of your LinkedIn profile pic as your first shot to sell yourself as a professional and trustworthy person. Maybe you don’t consider yourself as a ‘smiles in pictures’ kind of person, but research has shown that people view you as more ‘likable’, ‘competent’ and even ‘a positive influence’ when you smile in your LinkedIn picture.

Remember an upbeat LinkedIn profile pic can get you more contacts and opportunities. 


Tip 3: Dress like you would for your dream job

Clothing choice plays a huge role in the first impression that you give recruiters, and it’s something worth considering before taking photos. 

There are a few basic rules that you should try to stick by however. Try to stay away from wearing patterns and large prints in your LinkedIn profile picture

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