The Lipstick team at Morisushi


The Lipstick team at Morisushi


What a wonderful event The Lipstick team at Morisushi Sushimaking all the ladies look like Daruma Dolls eyes. Using Creative water based make up my team of Make Up artists from The Lipstick Make Up Institute  the effects are amazing! What do you think?

Great location in Downtown Dubai.

All in all YH Studios Photo Studio and The Lipstick makeup Institute, are the best. In facet, its a dream team.

You can see all our works at:

Also on our makeup School website:


The Creation


The 2 companies were created and now a driving force in the market. To be honest we have such amazing people working with us its difficult not to fail.

Because we try our hardest we attract amazing staff. We all work seriously hard to keep a great reputation.


We strive to give the best service possible. Each client, no matter what they are spending are valuable to us. We are honored that they chose our companies to service their needs. Photography can reach peoples souls.


Its a way of recording so many special moments. It’s the best medium as you can leave things to the imagination also.

Photography from YH Studios Photo Studio and makeup from The Lipstick Makeup Institute are in my opinion the best.

Using these 2 services can and does change your world. It will make any event go from 1 star to 5 star.


The service we give is untouchable. I compare it to we are like the Burj Al Arab. 7 star treatment.


If you want the best in the industry.


Please call us on 0528349964.

We are here to service your every need and make you smile. We will create the best moments for you and your company or family.

The Lipstick team at Morisushi
Best Makeup Team
The Lipstick team at Morisushi
Best makeup Team

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