Cool photography from The YH Team

Cool photography from The YH Team

Do you want Cool photography from The YH Team

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If so, then please check our blog from our sister company, Lipstick Make Up Institute.

We opened this only one year ago and we have reached major success already and are continuing to grow.

Look at the shots from some of our students. We are so proud of what they achieve.  Our studios is simply the best, don’t you think?

The team at YH studios Photo Studio always try their best to make our customers happy.

We actually listen to you rather thank tell you. We try different techniques and lighting in order to achieve the best.

Whatever you want we try and integrate it exactly.

 Is there a particular shoot you want?


Do you want the best


Cool photography from The YH Team


If there is a shoot that you want, find some examples to show us. Good Idea? Have a look at our instagram:

As an illustration, check even other instagram accounts. Just get a collection of photos together so we know what direction you want to go in.

Doing it this way we can create a story board for you. We then can show you ad take it from there.

All in all, have a look at our website we have lots of different genres on there dating back for years. We have hundreds of Cool Photography on it so you can get some ideas.

Whatever your shoot is that you want, family, personal , beach, editorial, wedding etc just call us.

Talk to us

As a matter of fact,  the experts at YH Studios  Photo Studio to learn more about what you should expect when aiming for quality shots.

As I have said, to know more about this amazing deal, drop us an email at or call us +971 52 834 9964

As a result  check out:


Contact us

Another key point, look at our website.  You will see great things.


Cool photography from The YH Team
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