360 Product Photography at YH Studios

360 Product Photography at YH Studios. eCommerce stores need top-of-the-range photography to secure sales and stay ahead of competitors. When shoppers enter a physical store, they get the advantage of touching the product and trying it on to see if it looks excellent on them before making the purchase decision. So, you must go the extra mile to simulate an in-store shopping experience, and 3D product photography is an intuitive way to achieve that.

Interactive 3D product photography enables shoppers to customize your product to their liking and create a lasting impression. Such shopping automation experiences can create positive emotions, leading to greater engagement and more purchases.

Product Photography at YH Studios

As more and more consumers shift to visual information to make effortless online purchases, 3D product photography has become essential for eCommerce retailers.

Actually, most of online buyers demand high-quality product images when making purchases. This means you need precise 3D product photos to display as many details as possible. Then consumers can have the best interactive experience.

With that in mind, here are some crucial benefits of 3D product photography stores:


It Positions Your Brand as Tech-Savvy

You can leverage high-resolution 3D visualization to position your eCommerce store as a tech-savvy entity. This will help you gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

Using 3D product photos is the trending standard you can’t afford to miss. Businesses are shifting from traditional brick-and-mortar shops to online stores. So you want to provide a better means for your customers to view your products before making a purchase decision.

It Presents Your Products in a More Appealing Manner

YH Studios ensures that customers pick the best product at first glance. Most online shoppers want to have a customized look at the product they’re interested in from different angles, in every color, and in different use cases.

Better Photographs Improve Conversion Rates

Studies indicate that presenting your products in a 360-degree viewer has the potential of increasing your conversion rate.

It Minimizes Product Returns

As an eCommerce store, frequent product returns in your workflow can give you constant headaches. If they become excessive, they can even jeopardize your business.

Fortunately, 360-degree product turntable visualization can help reduce the frequency of product returns. It ensures your customers have a perfect look at your products before placing them on their cart. By the time they make a purchase, they’ll be confident your item fits their needs.

3D Product Photography Promotes Customer Engagement

Most online shoppers prefer zooming in and rotating product animations to have a better look before making a purchase. 3D product photography provides an easier way for customers to engage with your product as they wish.

It Helps Customers Get a Realistic Feel of Your Product

Last and perhaps the most essential effect of 3D turntable photography is that it makes it possible for customers to truly get a “feel” of your product. It provides the quality and realism you can’t possibly achieve with traditional photography.


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