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Cool studio shoot party

Cool studio shoot party


Cool studio shoot party with your mates

Fun and games in the studio with friends spraying our good friend Simon in a bronzer and  getting in touch to create on of our great shots for our 2016  calendar. The results were amazing and we all had a fun night. Friends assisted holding the lights and balancing on top of ladders to create the right effect!


If there is something different and cool you want then its a party at YH studios DXB


We are not just all that is listed below.


We are a whole lot more therefore making us unique. A studio whereabouts you can get incredible shots and have fun. Have fun that you will remember forever.


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We are a whole lot more


If you want make up we also have a makeup school


So you will look so cool at the party too. We can even do creative makeup. We can teach you too if its that kind of party you want. The possibilities are endless. We can also do kids parties. Girls just love makeup and at The Lipstick Makeup Institute we can teach them how to apply it properly. 



 Cool studio shoot party
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 Cool studio shoot party
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You can call us anytime to book your shoot on 052 83 49964.

We are open 7 days a week. 9.30am to 7pm but book your evening party and we can be open 24 hours ha ha

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Call anytime. Yasmin