Corporate headshots should reflect well on you.

Corporate headshots should reflect well on you.

Corporate headshots should reflect well on you.

As a businessperson, you might say that your simplest job description is to sell a product or service. After all, isn’t that what pays the bills? My years of experience in the marketing industry have taught me otherwise. At the end of the day, what you’re actually doing is selling yourself to the client.

Let’s say you’ve found the perfect new apartment that meets your needs and you can’t wait to sign the lease. However, when you go in to sign, the leasing agent is late and filthy drunk. Would you even have time to reconsider signing the lease before scrambling for your car keys to get out of there? Probably not. In that scenario, the boss was a very poor representation of an otherwise ideal company.

In the same way, having poor headshots (or none at all) can seem quite lazy. Spending a little extra money to get things done right can benefit every single aspect of your company. When you truly care, clients notice.


Pro tip: Hang on to photos.

An added benefit of getting custom corporate headshots is that you can use them more than once. Update your professional social networks, such as LinkedIn, with photos of your staff. Stay up to date this way, and let your employees use these headshots as their profile photos.

Headshots are also handy when designing business cards or securing billboards. From social media accounts to paper flyers, the possibilities are endless.

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Boost your first impression. 

As a professional talent agent, headshots come across my desk daily. Only the highest quality shots have a chance at making it further.

Corporate headshots can ace first impressions and earn your client’s trust. When done right, they’ll boost your commitment to quality and other important values. As a leader, these photographs should demonstrate the quality that you deliver daily.


Corporate headshots should reflect well on you.

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