Working in YH studios

Working in YH studios

Working in YH studios

First thing to remember is that photography is not a job its life.

For that reason, you eat, sleep and breathe photography.

For instance, I believe that photography chose me and not the other way around.

Even though we all have choices in life I did choose this way of life.

Even more in my adult life I seem to enjoy more bits of it.

As long as you are happy then working at YH Studios Photo Studio should be a dream.

All in all, I am super happy shooting all genres pf photography.

Headshots/ corporate Photography, Wedding photography, E- commerce photography. Videography, model portfolios. Basically, every part of my chosen career I love.

How did I get in to the world of photography?

Firstly, I followed my dream.

Secondly, I chose the right college to get my training from.

Thirdly, all in all concentrated on being the best I could

Lastly, continued with my passion all my life.

As can be seen on our website:

In other words, its obvious to see that I love my job as a photographer.

To put it another way, even the studio is named after me, YH Studios stands for Yasmin Hussain.

With this intention I wanted the focus on the studio and its work not me Yasmin Hussain.

In any event it’s not about an individual but about the quality of our work and our customer service.

First thing to remember is that the studio was opened because of passion.

In a word, I was going to do my best for it to succeed.

We look forward to welcoming you to YH studios.

Given these points you can make up your own mind.

See you soon.

We are in Barsha Heights, The One Tower.


Working in YH studios
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