Importance of a headshot

Importance of a headshot

Importance of a headshot for your profile.

We need to understand that this above all is everything.

As an illustration, this is besides your cv the first thing an employer or certainly a client will see.

As I have noted it very important.

In fact it’s more serious than your content of your application.

Basically, an employer flicks through the applicants and checks the photos first.

Although you cv content matters, above all it’s the photo that will attract their attention.

We at YH Studios Photo Studio take the best Headshots in Dubai.

Above all, we understand what you need and shoot for you. Not the same shot for everyone.

Basically everyone has different needs.

Because of this we chat with you first and get to know what you need. Although this is true you also need to bring the correct clothes.

Clothes that reflect your industry.


How to choose the outfit

Firstly, think about what you want to show to people.

Secondly, get the right colours

Thirdly, you must feel; comfortable in the outfits

Lastly, get yourself prepared, hairdressers etc

At the present time we have great deals for headshot photography.

We have not raised our prices in 2 years.

At first we were 3 times cheaper than our competitor.


Firstly, have a look at our work and basically you will see all in all the value for money.

Our website is:

Balanced against what our shots can do for you it’s very affordable.

At least, give us a try. If you want hair and makeup our sister company can do it for you. The Lipstick Makeup Institute

At this instant we are open 7 days a week .


we look forward to welcoming you to the studio and experiencing our customer service.

There is plenty of parking.

Finally, see you soon.


Importance of a headshot
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