What do we need in headshots

What do we need in headshots

What do we need in headshots

In the first place this is a must. Headshot photography is essential now. Its a must.

Moreover you will look amazing on it.

Our photographers at YH studios Photo Studio will do this. Equally we will guide you to do everything.

In the same way we will tell you how to stand, where to look, what colours match your outfits.

I have been in photography now for 35 years or more. Employed so many people  for many counties and companies.

In addition I have to tell you that the level of freelancers has gone down so much.

In the light of this economy and standard its unacceptable.

Not to mention the lack of skills.


You really have top choose very carefully. Times really have changed a lot.


How to get a booking at YH Studios

Firstly, decide on a date

Secondly, get your wardrobe ready

Thirdly, get a hair trim or blow-dry

Lastly, turn up ready to be photographed.


We are located in Barsha Heights, suite 2901.


If you would like to book a markup artist we can do this also from The Lipstick Makeup Institute.


Call and ask for Yasmin Hussain if you need anything particular.


Our staff are well trained and open hand always to help.

Additionally if you need more guidance or any questions answered you can call us on +971 (0) 52 82 49964

Check out all our work at


On this site you can choose whatever genre you want to se.

family, corporate, kids, videos, parties, weddings. Basically anything you desire furthermore we can deliver.

Likewise if you need makeup call us, we will arrange it for you.

cant wait to see you and make all your dreams come true. Similarly it makes happy making a smile on your face.


What do we need in headshots
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