Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity Photoshoot: We dive into all things family, newborn, maternity, and baby photography. Being an experienced professional photographer in Dubai, I share practical tips, insights, and plenty of inspiration tailored for expecting mothers, new moms, and parents of Niagara Falls, Grimsby, and nearby areas. Its not just about photography – it’s all about building a supportive community for new moms and parents, offering resources, encouragement, and a whole lot of virtual hugs.


What if Your Partner Doesn’t Want To Take Maternity Photos

Your partner has an important role in your child’s story, so, of course, we’d love for them to be part of your maternity photo session. But, sometimes, they don’t want to. It’s not that they don’t love you or the baby. I have four things you can do if your partner doesn’t want to take maternity photos with you. And I’ll share what we do if they simply don’t want to be part of this session.

Maternity Photoshoot














Maternity Photoshoot

The Ultimate Guide to Maternity Photoshoot Clothing

Embrace the beauty of motherhood with style and comfort! If you’re an expecting mother, congratulations on embarking upon this incredible journey. As your body and life transform, so too should your wardrobe. In Niagara, you’re in luck – we’ve curated a list of 7 fantastic maternity clothing stores where you can find everything to suit your evolving style and needs.

What Should Your Family Wear for  Maternity Photos

As promised, here are a few tips on what your family should wear for maternity photos.

Coordinate, Don’t Match – Choose complementary outfits, not ones that are matching. Choose 3-4 colours that look great together. If you have a larger family, have everyone wear those colours in different ways.

For Mom – Find a comfortable, stylish maternity dress in a soft, muted tone. The beauty of using my client wardrobe is that they’re mostly bump-friendly, look great before and after baby. Even better is that you don’t need to buy a dress that you’ll wear once.

For Dad – We want Dad to feel comfortable and look stylish. Choose a neutral, solid shirt such as a plain T-shirt or a Henley. Khakis in a different neutral colour work well for pants.


For Boys – Similar to Dad, we want your boys to feel comfortable. Choose an outfit that complements Dad’s, and you know your son will feel okay wearing it.

For Girls – Your little girl can shine in her dress during the maternity session. Look for a white or neutral dress that fits and is comfortable. But don’t worry, we always add little shorts underneath so your daughter can still play and not worry about her dress lifting.


Shoes – Choose a classic neutral shoe such as tan loafers or sandals. In the studio, we recommend staying barefoot for a casual, natural look.

If reading these tips overwhelm you, you are far from alone. My client wardrobe has clothing for your entire family. All you have to do is come to the studio and shop my closet.

basically how difficult it is to get your children ready for a photo session and hope that everything will go smoothly. 

we have our makeup school so we did touchup before shoot for best result

No hair is out of place but still keeping that natural feel about it. We have a clothes steamer in the studio for you to use so your clothes also look fresh! Because No creases allowed!

We do touch up your hair and makeup so you look fresh and alive. Done by The Lipstick Makeup Institute.


All in All to customers are extremely satisfied with the results. Also as Dubai is so transient people are always changing jobs. They need new images all the time for their CV’s, Linked in and websites.

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