What is a professional business headshot?

That’s a pretty simple one to answer. It’s the kind of photograph you might see models or actors carrying round in their portfolios to show at casting sessions.

But it’s not just models or actors who need professional headshots. Nowadays we all live our professional lives online, and a professional business headshot can have a massive impact on your personal branding and career potential


corporate headshots

Is a professional headshot different from a portrait photo?

Logically, a headshot focuses on your head. But a portrait photo can show you from head to foot or in 3/4 view as well. You could say that a headshot is kind of a subcategory of a portrait photo.

Being a subcategory doesn’t mean it’s less important than a full body portrait. People looking on your website or social media profiles are probably more interested in seeing your face than your outfit. A close up headshot conveys personality better than anything else.




What can you use a professional headshot for?

Years ago it was probably only CEOs who needed professional headshots. Safe to say that has really changed with the advent of online networking, online recruiting, online pretty much everything.

  • Linkedin and other social media platforms
  • Recruitment sites
  • Personal/professional websites
  • CVs/resumés (here in Spain it’s accepted practice to include a photo on your CV)
  • Guest posts on blogs, event appearances and talks at conferences
So what are the benefits of having a headshot done professionally?

You’re probably thinking, “ok, I’ve got a smartphone. How about I snap a selfie and use that?”

Well, you could do that. But having a professional take your business headshot is actually a pretty good investment. Pictures taken on a phone are never going to match the resolution or quality of a studio standard headshot.

Uploading a low quality shot to your new website is a bad idea – why spend all that time (and possibly money) on a fancy website if your photo doesn’t meet the same standards?


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