Part 2 of Tips & Tricks

Part 2 of Tips & Tricks ready to learn?

Part 2 of Tips & Tricks
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Part 2 of Tips & Tricks  here we are to talk about As I said yesterday there are a few basic rules we need to follow.

The way in which we see our subject the lighting will change from photographer to  photographer.

Loop lighting is a minor variation of Paramount lighting. Key Light.

Basically, to create this setup, the key light is lowered.

Therefore you need to move more to the side of the subject so that the shadow under the nose becomes a small loop on the shadow side of the face.

Fill Light. 

All in all, The fill light is also moved, being placed on the opposite side of the camera  bought for the key light and close to the camera–subject axis.

It is important that the fill light not cast a shadow of its own in order to maintain the one-light character of the portrait.

The only position from which you can really observe whether the fill light is doing its job is at the camera.

Therefore, check carefully to see if the fill light is casting a shadow of its own by looking through the viewfinder.

Part 2 of Tips & Tricks  Hair and Background Lights.

Above all, the hair and background lights because we create ambiance.

The same way as they are in Paramount lighting. Its all contributes to be honest to interesting shots.

Basically we need to create shadows. Shadows are interesting and creates moods. We all love a good vibe and mood.


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