Creative magazine Shoot with Al Khaleej Magazine

We are so pleased to of been involved in  this Creative magazine shoot  with the weekend magazine Al khaleej. We decided to go with an 80's theme for the front…

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Our BG Sister Company is Blogging again!

Check out what Our Sister company, The Lipstick make up Institute is Blogging about.   We Just love it!!   The last blog we said' Its certainly not make up to…

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Well we are trying to keep everyone informed from every angle with the best tips and Tricks from make up, the best products, Kryolan of course!! So our partner company, The Lipstick Make Up institute writes a blog every day so follow it and learn how to do everything to do with make up in the best possible way!

We want to share all our secrets with you because we are full of knowledge. Combined together we have over 70 years of know how to do with make up, make up  applications , contouring, highlighting, lipsticks, eye shadow, eye make up, false lashes, eye liners, photography, lighting, editing, photoshop, beach shoots, location shoots, studio lighting, natural lighting basically anything you can think of, we know about it!

Follow us and we will only revitalise the interest within yourself to become interested in advancing your knowledge about everything. Giving you another interest or even just a hobby can only be a good thing! keeping the mind active keeps us active and prolongs and preserves lives!

See I am not just a mentor but a councillor and doctor too ha!

Trust me, keeping an interest or hobby only creates interest from other people and you become more of an interesting person. Try it and let me know the response.

More importantly though is keep the mind active and keep you looking beautiful so FOLLOW OUR BLOG!!



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SECRET number 4: How to pose correctly to always look your BEST!

4. Cross your ankles. If your hand-on-hip feels too posed, tilt your body toward the camera slightly, with one leg in front of the other. If you’re being shot head-on cross your…

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