Photo editing Apps on the phone

Photo editing Apps on the phone

Photo editing Apps on the phone


Good afternoon everyone.

My friends always tell me that my pictures look great from my phone and even when we are out and we all take pictures they whatsaap them to me then I will edit them and send them back to them, my work never stops ha!!

I use 3 different Apps that I find very easy and simple to use.

Each App I use for a different purpose.


Indeed. Today I am going to talk about, “Perfect 365”.

For instance, This is a fantastic app for smoothing out blemishes on the skin and generally just giving a little brightness to the face. Its like having a permanent Make Up Artist in your phone.

Above all, Here are a few  examples of my images that I have used it for, my skin looks kind of flawless but without being too plastic.


All in all, Its so easy to over edit but you have to take a step back and don’t go too over the top. Just remember the saying, ” Less is More” !

Example 1 is the original shot. Example 2 is my edit using Perfect 365 and Example 3 is just how NOT To Edit, its far too much.

Please let me know what you guys think.

Accordingly, Tune in tomorrow for some more examples! and  as a matter of fact take a look.


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 Photo editing Apps on the phone
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 Photo editing Apps on the phone
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