Importance Of Photography In Social Media

Importance Of Photography In Social Media

If you want more engagement in your social media platforms, you need to use images, and research proves it. Let’s talk about the importance of good photography in social media.

Photos are also the most engaging type of content on Facebook with an enormous 87% interaction rate from fans. Photos were shared more than any other type of content.

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Why is Photography so Important?

With the advent of social media, images have become the universal language that people all over the world can connect with.

Brands are using images to connect with their users while staying true to their brand. Good photography helps create relationships through digital imagery.

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If you’re the photographer we’ve compiled a few tips for taking great photos for your social media platforms.

  • For your photo’s composition, use the rule of thirds. A photo where the subject is in the centre isn’t nearly as interesting as one where the subject is off to one side or another. The rule of thirds asks photographers to divide the photograph into thirds in their minds. This helps create a good composition.
  • Lighting is incredibly important. Lighting nearly always dictates whether your photography looks professional or amateurish. The trick to good lighting is achieved through white balance and ISO settings. To simplify, higher ISO settings let you shoot quickly and capture nice light. If you’re inside, and it’s dark, use a high ISO setting.
  • Your social media photography needs to draw your visitor in, so pay attention to the background of your photo. The photo should match your brand style. Stay consistent with your photos so they tie your brand together.
  • Change your camera’s orientation. Get creative, try shooting at different angles, from the front, side and or back.
  • The resolution of your photo is important. You may have noticed that smartphone photos don’t always look great online – sometimes they’re dark and blurry. Use a good smartphone camera or invest in a good digital camera.

In today’s digital world, good photography and social media go hand in hand. Images help you leverage your brand, increase your audience and social engagement levels.

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