Product Photography Increases Conversions

Product Photography Increases Conversions

We are highly visual consumers. So, while the quality of your copy and product may be top tier, if your product images don’t match that same quality, your customers will notice.

Your photography represents your product’s quality and value as well as your brand image as a whole. If done well, it has the potential to increase conversions and drive sales in the long run.

1. High-quality images enhance every buyer touchpoint.

visual appearance is the key deciding factor in their purchasing decisions.

If that’s the case, then your product photos shouldn’t be left on the backburner.

Most interactions that a customer has with your brand should contain some sort of illustration that helps them envision your brand instead of simply reading or hearing about it. This means your product photos shouldn’t simply stop at your product pages — they should be weaved throughout your social platforms, advertisements, packaging and more.

With a mix of product images, lifestyle shots and videos scattered across its site from the homepage to the final checkout, every stage of the purchase journey contains a visual element that keeps the shopper engaged.


2. Product images are a key element of branding.

It should be the foundation for every element of your business.

With the help of product photography, you can tell your brand story through your social media posts, email updates, marketing events and digital ads.

The website’s product images are splashed with light and color, giving the brand a fun, youthful feel. Plus, these images stay consistent across all of Bliss World’s channels, all the way from its ecommerce page to its digital ads to Instagram and Facebook.

a clean, cruelty-free, planet-friendly skincare brand, does an amazing job of conveying its brand image through product photography.

Product Photography









Product Photography Increases Conversions



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