Tips And Tricks To Consider For Maternity Photography

Tips And Tricks To Consider For Maternity Photography

Maternity Photography

Tip and Tricks to consider for Maternity Photography; Nowadays, professional maternity photography is becoming an industry. Photographing a mother-to-be can be quite challenging, but if you follow certain guidelines and spice them up with your own creative ideas and instincts, you can certainly create magnificent and emotional portraits that capture this amazing time!

Come Up With Creative Camera Angles

As you already know, angles matter a lot when it comes to portraiture. And general portrait composition techniques apply here. Your responsibility is to find as many meaningful angles as possible and this can be quite tricky when it comes to maternity photography.  Of course, it goes without saying but don’t forget the belly because it should be the main star of your maternity photo session. Try photographing from above – while you’re standing above your subject, you can easily focus directly on the belly! Even if you’re aiming for a full body shot, this angle will be a great choice too!

Give Precise Directions

Lack of communication and clear directions can easily ruin maternity photography sessions. Be patient and take your time to explain in a concise way what you want your subject to do. For example, ask her to turn just a little bit to the left or to the right. You can also ask her to move her arms or legs closer or further away from the camera and so on.  Note that shooting the stomach from the side is almost always more flattering than shooting it from the front because your photo will have more balance – the curve of the back can balance out the curve of the belly.

Go Abstract – Don’t Stick To Predictable Shots

Think like an artist – you don’t have to create only figurative photographs with maternity photography. Be brave and embrace the abstraction too! The best abstract portraits look artistic while simultaneously telling a story, so aim for that. Things like shallow depth of field and unusual composition will help you create some outstanding abstract shots. You can also capture some interesting close-up shots of the belly and experiment with lighting and background colors if you’re using a backdrop.

Make Sure Partners And Other Children Are In The Frame

Adding her partner or brothers or sisters will definitely make your maternity photography session more emotional and even more meaningful. The happiness and joy of the parents-to-be can make maternity photos truly exceptional. Also, the mom will be more relaxed if the whole family is present, which is quite important when it comes to posing.  Another great thing that happens when the entire family is present is the fact that there are more options when it comes to posing. You can show the interaction between your clients and some sweet gestures such as hugs and kisses.

Nudity – Comfort Levels Are Different For Everyone

A little bit of nudity might look very natural and spontaneous in maternity sessions, but always ask how much nudity your mother-to-be is comfortable with. Despite your personal preferences, never push people to show more skin than they are comfortable with. In order to make certain posing ideas more comfortable for the mother-to-be, show her some sketches of the poses you are going to shoot so that she can see your ideas and decide if some of these poses can include a bit of nudity.

What To Wear

You can always start with simple wardrobe choices since they are usually very flattering. Monotone clothing, clean cuts, and soft textures work well in maternity photography! Also, start with lighter colors, such as a white or beige tank or tunic, to create a classic ethereal aesthetic. While every expectant mother has her own style, it’s good to warm up with a few classic shots before you get more experimental.

Make The Session As Comfortable As Possible

The comfort of the mother-to-be should be your number one priority. Because of this, start with the easiest poses and gradually move towards more challenging ones. For instance, you can begin your session by asking the mom to sit on a comfortable blanket on the floor and then after a few shots ask her to move to a standing pose. Also, make sure that she’s never too warm or too cold! If she’s posing in her underwear, you should always cover her with a robe or blanket when you’re not shooting to ensure her privacy and comfort.

When Is The Right Time?

Knowing the right time for maternity photography sessions is important because you want to capture their pregnancy meaningfully. The general consensus is that the best maternity photographs are done between the 32-38 weeks of pregnancy. You should avoid shooting too early because the bump is too small then, but shooting too late is also not a good idea since it can be physically demanding. During the 32-38 weeks of pregnancy, the belly looks round and beautiful, perfect for those lovely maternity photos!

Take Maternity Photography Seriously

Whether you are taking photos of friends or working as a professional, remember that maternity sessions are as important as wedding photography! You’re responsible for shooting one of the crucial events in your client’s life, which means you have to take your role seriously. This involves a lot of planning and making sure that your equipment is fully functional for the upcoming session and that the lighting is impeccable. Also, you shouldn’t shoot maternity sessions in a half-hearted way, because your client will notice that. Be courteous and show some enthusiasm for your work!



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