Types of Corporate Video Productions

Types of Corporate Video Productions

Types of Corporate Video Productions :

Video is now present: It’s not only on TV, but also on our phones, laptops, tablets, and billboards.

Now a days Video Content is also the new trend for advertising:

Corporate Video for a company is no longer a luxury or something reserved for multi-billion firms.
and have become the industry standard, but there are a lot of more use for them.
What kind of Corporate Videos types are there, though? Which video format you should use? Here are eight different type of corporate videos from which to choose.

Brand Videos

In this video you can show on your on website. In one short, catchy Corporate Video, it must be present your brand. You may used for describe your brand’s story, your values and what you stand for, or simply what you do, why you do it, and how you different from the others.

Marketing Videos

Types of Corporate Video Productions

All Corporate Videos has their own value, a type of marketing for the company has ads, as we know them, and designs are to sell you a product or service.

They could be classified as a “commercial” video instead, although the distinction is thin and hazy. During the days, Marketing films has limits to televisions, but now we see them everywhere, in a variety of formats.

Promotional Videos

This style of video focuses on getting more specific about product or services.These are frequently displaying online since they target is specific audiences. These videos, on the other hand, can be used on television broadcasting platforms, but are mainly used nowadays over Social Media. Brand identification and familiarity are shown by promotional corporate videos.

Testimonial/Case Study Videos

Clients are typically interview about their experience with a product or service, detailing their personal or company perspectives on how it assist them in solving an issue. The Testimonial Videos are usually in a longer format, ranging from 2 to 3 minutes or even more. To smooth over cuts and help emphasize the subject, B-roll showcasing what is being discussed is employed.

Business Story Videos

Also referred to as: Corporate Showcase Videos. These videos are o interview based, similar to testimonials. The focus is usually on founder of a small business or the CEO of a huge corporation. The goal of the company video is to communicate the firm’s founding story, inform clients about their principles, and increase brand awareness and trust.

Presentational Videos

Types of Corporate Video Productions

These videos are usually derives from or base on Business Story Videos, and are creating specific company’s profile in an exhibition or a conference that the company wishes to participate in, and need a powerful brief method to present profile to right customers and partners. Such case has become a very common in large scale financial and trade cities, like Dubai, being a global center for all huge and internationally established exhibitions. So if your business is based in Dubai, or has a representative office or branch in the region, it’s important to research and hire the right Corporate Video Production Company in Dubai to fulfill your Video Production needs, and produce suitable videos for occasions.

Social Media Videos

These videos are brief emotional, which motivates viewers to share them. What matters is the brand that highlights the product or service supply. This can not be complete by associating your firm with specific events or news items in order to capture the interest of people.

Recruitment Videos

This is a fantastic way to show your application. It is important to document your firm’s culture in order to give applicants with insight and information about how your company runs and interacts. Recruitment videos can also offer the idea that your business is doing well, necessitating the hiring of more people.

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