You need YH studios Headshots

You need YH studios Headshots

You need YH studios Headshots like everyone. All of a sudden the world has become so competitive.

Neither anyone knows why is gone mad.  As a result you need to fight for every job. All things considered you need to stand out from the crowd.

All ion all you need YH Studios. As can be seen on our website

Certainly you will see the quality is just amazing.  Another key point is that it’s very cheap. Although this may be true we are still super professional. Hence why we are so popular. Even though ee are super good you can see that the prices are very low.

We believe in helping people get that job, equally important is to be kind. Even more so when they need a headshot as it shows they need a job.

Getting an appointment

firstly, decide what mood you want to show

Secondly, get your attire in order

Thirdly, call us to get your booking

Lastly, come with confidence and lets capture that

By the same token we want you to leave very happy. By the same token we are a business so we need to make some cash!

From time to time in the studio we have discounts but not on Headshot Photography.

From the most part our prices are too low as it is. Occasionally we will give you an extra image if you buy 30 images.

It’s important to realize for us that customer service is everything.

In a word we try to find a balance between money and service.

In general you will just realize that your money is well spent.


We look forward to seeing you. In particular we cant wait to welcome you to the studio as you will stay a customer for a long time.


Call us on 052 83 49964


Yasmin Hussain



You need YH studios Headshots
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