Ramadan Photoshoot at YH

Ramadan Photoshoot at YH

Ramadan Photoshoot at YH

All of a sudden Rwandan is here.

Although this maybe true we still must work.

As a matter of fact we are open 7 days a week.

As an  illustration you can contact us on anytime on watsapp or by the phone.

At the present time we have 20% discount for Ramadan photoshoots at YH studios.

For that reason please book really.

From time to time we might have a free slot. However, best to call and book.

Given that we are there we always welcome you with open arms.

Best way to get ready for my shoot .


Decide on what kind of shoot you want

Secondly, arrange your outfits

Thirdly, get your hair trimmed if needed

Lastly, arrive at YH studios photo studio and be prepared to be blown away.

Even though you have idea we will put our input too.

Undoubtedly, you will leave so happy.

In the light of our combined experience of 60 years we simply are the best. YH Studios is on the map.

In the event that we are busy we will always do our best to fit you in. Only if you check us out at:

Above all we are here to look after you and get you some wonderful memories.

All in all this is our main goal.

In essence its all I have wanted to do is make everyone happy.

In order to make your own mind up you can see all our images and lots of various genres.

However in  either case you will not be disappointed.

By comparison, we are way above other studios.

By and large every image we take you will love.

Certainly we look forward to seeing you and taking care of all your needs.

Call us on:

+971 (0) 52 83 499 64

See you soon


Ramadan Photoshoot at YH
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Ramadan Photoshoot at YH
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