Headshot Backgrounds at YH Studios

Cool Headshot Backgrounds at YH Studios.

When applying for a job the first thing the employee sees on the application form is what? … Yes, indeed it’s the photograph. A photograph really does speak thousand words.

At YH Studios what we do to make your corporate image different than anyone else is we polish the whole scenario.

headshot background headshot background headshot background

We provide different variety of background fits to your needs.

headshot background view headshot background view headshot background view

We also have a beautiful view to take natural light headshot.


Are you have made your booking and you arrive at our studio. We welcome everyone with the cool sounds of music in a very coolant chic studio. Some have compared it to a New York studio, which is a very nice compliment. Immediately you feel at ease. We are unique, like no other studio.

No hair is out of place but still keeping that natural feel about it. We have a clothes steamer in the studio for you to use so your clothes also look fresh! No creases allowed!

All to customers are extremely satisfied with the results. Also as Dubai is so transient people are always changing jobs. They need new images all the time for their CV’s, Linked in and websites.

Take a look for yourselves.

I am sure you will agree that our images speak for themselves.

I have not seen another studio come close to what we do and we are so cheap for the service we offer.

To know more about this amazing deal, drop us an email at info@yhstudiosdxb.com or call us +971 52 834 9964

or check out: https://yhstudiosdxb.com