Life as a photographer

Life as a photographer

Life as a photographer is especially great as a female. As long as we have the confidence to get out there. As well as being outgoing you certainly need to be positive.

At the present time, I live in Dubai. I own

I opened this photo studio 11 years ago nearly.  Our variety  shown my skills through my company. The projects show, varied  skills as much as I can.

This way we can capture a variety of mediums. As you can evidently see on my website.

We also have instagram, Facebook and twitter. .

Our Customers

On these sites you can see chiefly professional shots. Some BTS also. As a matter of face even the BTS is professional.

My customers know that time and gain they get the same quality. Its evident in all our work.

If my staff do sub standard. I actually call the customers back in as it is against the rules.

I have worked hard to build a reputation and its evident in my work.

Our customers take their time to book a shoot. Additionally, they come to the studio.

Firstly they get canned, take their time posing. Evidently some clients aren’t comfortable in front of the camera. We try our best then go through the whole process of choosing images etc.


If my staff don’t put 100% effort into each customer they are penalised. They are formerly given a written warning also. This certainly is not acceptable.

100% satisfaction

I want my customers to feel 1000% comfortable. The results should be the best we can do.

This is the major priority for me. When they look back at their images they smile and feel happy.

I don’t want them to feel rushed as this is the memory they will have. This is not why I became a photographer.


The messages I receive after the shoots are just unreal. They say how happy I have made them and this os priceless.


Life as a photographer
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