Set Up a Photography Studio Outdoors

Set Up a Photography Studio Outdoors

Set up a photography studio Outdoors. If you’re new to photography, learning how to set up your first studio can feel like a daunting task. To take that a step further, setting one up outside might seem like an impractical, bad idea.

But with the right equipment and setup workflow, you can assemble a workable studio outdoors- which provides you with the nice backdrop you’d get from a traditional studio, but with the opportunity to photograph your subject using natural light.

Set Up a Photography Studio Outdoors
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What Gear Will You Need for An Outdoor Photography Studio? 

We recommend you invest in or borrow the following gear when getting started with a basic outdoor studio set up:

1. Backdrop stands – These are pretty self explanatory. They are the tools that you will use to set up whatever backdrop you choose to work with.

2. Backdrop–  Obviously you will also need to bring a backdrop itself. While you can purchase photography-specific backdrops at most photography supply stores, some photographers also opt to use certain types of seamless fabrics instead.

3. Scrim– A scrim is a special device used by photographers in order to modify the harshness or softness of light. When working outdoors as opposed to in a studio, the quality of light is no longer in your control, so having a piece of gear like this is crucial as you may find yourself wanting to manipulate the natural light a bit to achieve a stronger or softer quality.

4. Reflectors– These are just pieces of reflective material that you can use in order to bounce natural light in a certain direction.

5. Clamps or clips– These are just helpful to keep handy in order to get your gear set up properly such as getting your backdrop clipped to your stands, etc.


Where Should YouSet Up a Photography Studio Outdoors Studio? 

If you are doing an outdoor photo shoot, try your best to scout a location.

where you will not be surrounded by high buildings.

Or anything else that might cast a distracting shadow on your subject and setup while you’re trying to work.

Ideally, try to pick a place where you won’t be heavily affected by wind and somewhere where you can work uninterrupted, direct sunlight all around you.


Here are some Photography studio outdoor setup Tips That Never Go Out of Style

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