Part 4 of Tips & Tricks

Part 4 of Tips & Tricks

Part 4 of Tips & Tricks  Split Lighting

Firstly, split lighting occurs when the key light illuminates only half the face.


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Secondly, It is an ideal slimming light.

It can also be used with a weak fill to hide facial irregularities. For a highly dramatic effect, split lighting can be used with no fill.

Lastly, for me this is my favourite kind of lighting because its so effective, mysterious and you can create any kind of mood.

You like. Its not only flattering but can create an essence in a shot that the photographer and the model have between them.

There is always a bond between the photographer and the  model and this is what creates the most effective shots and that feeling pours out with the passion a photographer has inside and if you connect with him/her you will get the most amazing shots ever!

Our studios is based in the heart of Dubai. However we were in the CNN Building a few years ago.


So the motto is:, always be kind to your photographer. They might be a bit weird at times but they are just thinking!!!!

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Part 4 of Tips & Tricks
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