Photography Studio made by Yasmin Hussain

Photography Studio made by Yasmin Hussain

Photography Studio made by Yasmin Hussain

All in all what I am saying is not a mans world.

Women can rule the industry too.

How to do the steps

Firstly, remember that e can do any job

Secondly, we are all equal.

Thirdly, a job is a job

Lastly, have belief in yourself.

However, you must really have confidence. This will take you a long way.


Self Belief

Self belief is everything. Whatever career you want, it starts from within.

Tell yourself every day that you are amazing.

All in all once you have mastered this you can do anything.

There are many life coaches around. In the first place we were made to achieve. In addition, the world is what you make of it.

I truly believe in my self like I want all of us to do. Coupled with a smile, our goals can be reached.

How to approach it

In the same fashion, approach your job as you would your life its equally as important.

Furthermore we are in charge of our own destiny.

Wake up every day and tell yourself that you are amazing.


How to keep Positive in the mirror

I do. I look in the mirror together with my smile and talk to it. In the light of life the way it is we need to keep positive.

As a matter of fact, I try to keep positive always. It is very easy to get stressed and angry with the world.

However when I have a camera in my hand and am taking photographs, I am truly happy.

Simple Headshots Rules

Even the simple Headshots for Websites or linked in. The way people react to my photography, makes me so happy.


Have a look at some of my work at:

Contact details

You can tell me what you think. Moreover, I love what I do and I think it shows.

Whether its, wedding photography, Headshot photography, family, fashion photography, I just love it.


This is me, Yasmin Hussain


Photography Studio made by Yasmin Hussain
This is me, Yasmin Hussain