Day 1 of Arab Fashion Week in KSA.

Day 1 of Arab Fashion Week in KSA.

Day 1 of Arab Fashion Week in KSA. Was so privileged to have me and my team from YH Studios DXB be  an active part in this wonderful event.  We covered all backstage photography and videography for Arab Fashion Week I am so please that we got some really fantastic shots and footage.

We were over whelmed opportunity to be a part of an historical happening. Arab Fashion Week has put some huge shows on and this did not disappoint. For the first time in Saudi Arabia @arabfashioncouncil was proud to hold   the first ever fashion show in this country full of amazing, beautiful people who cannot do enough to help you and make you feel so welcome.


YH Studios DXB Has been involved many times in Arab Fashion Week so was so happy to be apart of this once again.

We were all so overwhelmed by the generosity of time and hospitality that the Arabic people displayed. They welcomed us into their country with open arms.

As for the Fashion Show! To be working with he team from Jena Paul Gaultiere was just incredible. I have admired everything about this guy so to be up close and personal with his amazing catwalk designs was such a privilege.

The models were flown in from all over the world so a good range of faces for the runway.  They were lovely to work with and very professional. We all worked together as a team and this is a major attribute to making a show very successful. We are all there to achieve amazing results for us all.

Behind the scenes is where all the action happens and I just love it. We get some off the cuff shots and  natural video footage which makes the final cuts so authentic.

Jean Paul Gaultiere catwalk was just heaven, the clothes complimented each model and the spiraling video on the tv screen behind was so complimentary, was mind blowing.

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