Photoshoots with YH Studios

Photoshoots with YH Studios

Photoshoots with YH Studios

All of a sudden the need to update headshots has exploded.

As I have said in the past this is the most important picture you should take.

All things considered this is what people will see, so make it a good one.

As an illustration, when people look at your profile they will judge you.

However you have an opportunity to show yourself at your best.

At the present time our Headshots are only AED200.

By all means shop around but this is the best price with amazing professionalism.

By the same token you will see that we are the best at YH Studios.

Balanced against cost and quality we far outspend the rest.


However make your own mind just take a look at our website:

From the images you can see the standards we keep.



Photoshoots with YH Studios
Dubai photo studio

You might as how to book


Firstly, get all you outfits together

Secondly, get you hair and makeup done

Thirdly, decide on a date

Lastly, come to the studio fully prepared to be spoilt.

As long as you are willing to trust us we will make you look amazing.

However, corporate headshots are important.

As well as being good at your job of course.

At any rate, the first thing someone will see is your picture.  Above all this is the most essential thing you need.

Even more so since covid. Equally important is to stand out from others. Coupled with a positive attitude.

However you need the whole package.

Even though the cost of living has gone up the wages have not. For instance there are so many people now going for the same position.

For his reason you really must get the best chance to get that job.

Given these points you need us at YH Studios.

In brief we will see you soon

Call us +971 (0) 52 83 49964