Real Estate Shoot with YHSTUDIOS

Real Estate Shoot with YHSTUDIOS

Real Estate Shoot with YHSTUDIOS is a well known studio in Dubai recently we get inquiry for apartment shoot. we plan a shoot with team make a story board for them get some models show lifestyle of Dubai.

at the day of shoot we call our graduate to do makeup for our models to look nice in video and photos, we plan to shoot first with breakfast had coffee after quickly our makeup artist change the look for the swimming pool sequence and gym

Evening photography-Real Estate Shoot with YHSTUDIOS

In the evening we go outside to show marina view and show some activities we went brass monkey to take some bowling shots and some fun while they are playing games in last we go to restaurant to show dinner sequence and ending with wine cheers shot

stay update with us soon we upload the video and photographs with all of you in our website


 360 Virtual Tour

we also provide them 360 virtual tour , its trendy now a days so we suggest them to do it so customer will view each and everything while at home in single click on website,

again we share with all final results on our website soon.


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Real Estate Shoot with YHSTUDIOS
Beautiful photography





Real Estate Shoot with YHSTUDIOS
Real Estate Photography


Real Estate Shoot with YHSTUDIOS

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