Our Sister Company Lipstick is blogging

Our Sister Company Lipstick is blogging

The Lipstick Make Up Institute: is our partner company ad they are Our Sister Company Lipstick is blogging

Our second day at #billionairemansiondubai where we are doing all the halloween make up! Scary stuff ha. One of the best nightclubs in Dubai. Thats why Our Sister Company Lipstick is blogging.

Don’t you just love Dubai?

Everyone just gets so  involved and makes the most of every occasion. Basically,  it really is a community like no other. I feel that everyone cares about themselves and loves one another and really do make friends easy here. Make up and photography brings everyone together in a unique way.

This is a city to party and make the most out of life. You would think in an Arab country things would be a little suppressed but Sheikh Mohammed in my eyes and really everyone I know we call him The Great Sheikh Mohammed. He is the greeters guy on this earth in my opinion, I can say that because my father is no longer with us!

The company  has given us an opportunity to come here and live our dreams. He has given us the freedom to grow and create and party! I can’t thank this great man enough.

Basically,  getting back to Halloween, As I do tend to meander when I feel passionate about things which is basically everything!!

Here are some shots of our amazing Lipstick make Up Institute Team at work.

Hope you like them. All in all we love them.

Tune in all this week for our diverse lifestyles. Tomorrow Nikki Beach!


Its such a cool place to hang out. Amazing Sundays are s much fun there.

Have a look at our website and see the variety of shoots we have done there and all over Dubai,

For instance we have all different genres. All in all we cover basically every subject of photography,

Our website is  www.yhstudiosdxb.com

052 83 49964

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