How to book at YH Studios

How to book at YH Studios

How to book at YH Studios

For the purpose of this blog, I will make it very clear and simple.

Nonetheless, I do know some cases are more complicated than others.

To emphasize, we do understand that you might need to come in a have a chat about your requirements.

To put it another way, we will try everything in our power to fulfil your brief.

For the most part, often we will visit your office to discuss the job and also see the location.


Given that many Corporate Photoshoots are done in the customers offices.

Another key point is that Dubai has some beautiful views so shoots in Business offices are sometimes amazing.

As can be seen on our website, under the heading, business then Corporate Headshots.

By the same token you can see all our images on there from all different shoots.

Looking for the perfect Headshot


Firstly, have a look at all our shots to see what backgrounds you like

Secondly, make sure your outfits are ready, bring a few.

Thirdly, take a visit to the hairdressers to get that grooming done.

Lastly, choose your date, call us and book in.

At this instant you will be ready to rock the world.

Compared to other studios, by and large we are heads above them at YH Studios Photo Studio.

Balanced against our competition we really are miles better than them.

By and large, coupled with our amazing standards we have to be at the very top of the best.

At any rate, we are always looking to get better results and make our customers smile.

Especially now in this era whereas people are more cut throat than ever before.

In the hope that you will call us here is our telephone number.

+971 (0) 52 83 499 64

Also, we are open 7 days a week.


How to book at YH Studios
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