Yasmin Hussain’s Bio Part 1

Yasmin Hussains’s Bio Part 1 

Yasmin Hussain’s Bio Part 1: Born in the heart of the Manchester in the deprived area of Moss Side, there were no creative influences in my vicinity. Although my parents were not affluent they were rich in culture and morals.

Having such a humble background the idea of moving in the circles of racehorse

owners was somewhat of a mission and a task that seemed almost impossible.

My only contact with horses was when I had opportunities to ride at a very early

age. We gained the privilege to do so for a minimal substituted fee of around 10p

as we were under privileged children and the Local Youth Clubs heavily

substituted such activities.

Always has a smile
Yasmin Hussains Bio Part 1

As we grew, the fundamentals of my parents were drummed into us. To get the

best out of our education, as this is the way we would enter into any world we

wanted to. I was always taught that I could achieve anything and although we did

not have much money and sometimes not enough food to eat.

My mother taught me that good manners and respect did not cost anything and

that this would take me far.

I felt to write Yasmin Hussain’s Bio Part 1After having such a positive family life I soon believed that I really could achieve

anything. I began to realise that I should not reach for the moon but the stars and

this philosophy has led me to where I am today.

As for where I am….I am not only the proud owner of 2 very successful

companies in the heart of Dubai but also the very proud owner of a

thoroughbred racehorse, applicably named after my Makeup School, “Lipstick Makeup Institute” & YH Studios


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