Photography from Yasmin Hussain

Photography from Yasmin Hussain

Photography from Yasmin Hussain, this has been my life since I was 16 years old.


How did I get into photography? many people ask

firstly, I studied it in college

Secondly, I fell in love with it.


Thirdly, I decided to make it my career

Lastly, I moved to Dubai  2012.

YH Studios Photo Studio was first started in CNN Building in Media City.

The sole purpose was to change of makeup and photography in the area.

However, since then, YH Studios has been a household name in the world of photography in Dubai.

Me , the founder of YH Studios has over 35 years of experience.

We made  the company fabulous. . In fact, for the past 4 years.

YH Studios has got  many global    Awards.

YH Studios Photo Studio is a 360-concept studio with an in-house photography, videography and makeup studio.

They have a multitude of skilled freelancers with a variety of experiences offering the skill set required for every type of project.

Who do we cater for?

It caters to very prominent clients such as the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi, Saudi Royal Family.

Even Emirates Airlines, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Warner Bros Abu Dhabi and the Arab Fashion Council, to name a few.

Within 4 years, I decided on creating a new concept by bringing  Professional Makeup Artistry with Photography.

All in all then , The Lipstick Makeup Institute was born.bringing makeup and photos together.

Since the start , The Lipstick Makeup Institute has been one of the top Makeup schools in the area.

We are are now part of the exciting and fast paced world of makeup as salon owners, freelance wedding, and many artists.

Call us anytime on 052 83 49964

We are open seven days a week. call, text or pop in. All in all we are available all the time for you.

Photography from Yasmin Hussain
Yasmin Hussain