Looking for a female photographer

Looking for a female photographer

Looking for a female photographer

At the present time, our CEO and head photographer is female, Yasmin Hussain.

Balanced against living in a Muslim country like Dubai, it’s really important to have females on the team.

By the same token they must be super professional like our Yasmin Hussain.

Yasmin Hussain is amazing all kinds of photography. In the light of that she has an eagle eye to notice any imperfections.

In any event whether managing or shooting Yasmin will make sure to supply and handle all the female videographers and photographers.

On the whole owing to the fact that Yasmin Hussain is very passionate the company and work of YH Studios Photo Studio is the best.

So long as we strive to be the best, that is to say we will remain the best.

To clarify, female photographers are in high demand.

At least have a look at Yasmin’s work under VIP section on our website.


Without doubt as due to the fact that many parts of Muslim wedding, no men are allowed, with this in mind that’s why.

Easiest way to book a lady Photographer


Firstly, call or WhatsApp the studio to discuss your needs

Secondly, decide on how many you need

Thirdly, decide if you need a lady videographer also

Lastly, we will send you a pay link to pay through there.

With the result that you want the best, why not book us for makeup and hairstyling also?

To illustrate you can have a look at our makeup website:


Straight away you can see that we are simply the best. However, it’s not just makeup we teach hair too.

In other words, we can handle everything for you:

As I have said, we do hairstyling, makeup application, photography and videography.

In the view of you will book us for sure.

See you soon.

Looking for a female photographer
Dubai female photographer