Learn Photography with Yasmin Hussain

Learn Photography with Yasmin Hussain

Learn Photography with Yasmin Hussain at YH Studios Photo Studio and become a great photographer

Have you ever wanted to become a photographer? If the answer is yes then get in contact.

All in all we have the best photographer, Yasmin Hussain to give you the most amazing tips.

Her team will teach you all about your cameras. All the technical jargon and Yasmin will teach you how to shoot.

What do you need to do?


Firstly, give us a call to have a chat

Secondly, Book in and be prepared to learn

Thirdly, get all your equipment together

Lastly, come to the studio for a full week

O the course, we will provide you with creative skills and photoshop skills.

We will provide you with all the models, hair and makeup team and guide you. The angles you should be shooting from. How to get the best from your models.


You will also get showered with tips on dealing with models. How to talk to them to get the very best. If you have a comfortable model then you have won.

Your model will work like a dream with you.

This can be a person, an animal and kids especially. They need to feel free but you are controlling their behavior. This is a massive task that must be met.

You can see Yasmin Hussain’s shoots on the website:


Have a look under the VIP Section shoot and you can get an understanding. The high quality and cool shots are there.


Yh Studios Photo Studio does have a photography and videography team too. However, Yasmin Hussain is the CEO and head person. This is why you will learn so much from her.

Give her a call on 052 83 49964




Learn Photography with Yasmin Hussain
Best photographer in Dubai