Purpose of photography- Yasmin Hussain

Purpose of photography- Yasmin Hussain

Purpose of photography- Yasmin Hussain, lets see why we need it

Photography is a medium that everyone needs and uses.

Firstly, everyone hs a camera with a phone

Secondly, people use phones more than cameras

thirdly, we are all not budding photographers

Lastly, we record every part of our lives.


However, a phone is not a camera. All in all photographers need to grow with technology.

Life is moving so fast now and AI is coming in. We need to move with the times.

Have you seen the future?

The way the world is going is crazy. We really need to keep our fingers on the pulse.

Photoshop has plug ins now that are simply incredible. Because of this we need to learn and keep learning.

Images can be changed with a flick of the button.

. Even I am so impressed with how it has changed in just 30 years since I started.


I went to College to study my A levels and fell in love with the medium of photography.


I used the ild techniques of learning in a darkroom. Seriously back to basics. Remember the old eye box? This was just a cardboard like shoe box with a pin hole in and a piece of photo paper  stuck in the back. The box is then remove your finger so the paper is exposed to the light.

After say 30-40 minutes, cover the hole again and take the box into the darkroom. Develop the paper and there will be your image. The correct expression is, pin hole camera.


Can you believe we really did this? And now its all computerised. Simply, wow!


The world is changing so fast its difficult to keep us.


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Purpose of photography- Yasmin Hussain
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