Tips for Creating Romantic Portraits for Couples

Here are some tips for creating romantic portraits for couples

Couple Portrait

Find or make the perfect light

Romantic light is a poetic light that evokes that cocooning feeling. Early morning and late afternoon light is soft and dreamy so if possible schedule your shoot during those windows. I try and avoid flat light or harsh overhead light which tends to kill any romantic ambience.

Consider the location, background, or scenery

The location or setting has a lot to do with how romantic a picture turns out. Sunsets, although in danger of being cliche, especially sunset silhouettes, produce strong and striking images.

Hide and use layering in your shots

Layering is a great tool for romantic images. It lets you hide behind something and makes you invisible. The great thing about it is that it puts the viewer of the photo in your place as if they are just passing by and happen to catch a glimpse of the couple.

Encourage contact between the couple

There is no one there sharing the moment with them; it is their very own special private time. The goal is to capture the scene as if it were true and real. There must be a strong connection between the couple, whether that be looking directly into each other’s eyes, hands touching, or whispering in each other’s ears, but absolutely no contact with anyone else.

Write a story in pictures

A picture that tells no story has no soul. With practically a limitless number of photos you can take with a digital camera, you can write a novel. Go to a session with a story in mind – a beginning, a middle, and an end. That is the way we approach every engagement shoot and wedding.



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